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Monday June 8,2009 at 3:44 PM



I didnít have to get up this morning until Seven but I was awake since Five. I did almost fall asleep at one point while I was laying on the couch this morning after we got home.

Here is what I said in the last E-mail that I sent you:

> Also, I didnít ask Larry where heís going away to. All he said was that heís on vacation the week of June 23rd
> and also that heíll be working all summer but heís on holidays for two weeks in September.

So I see him on the 9th which is tomorrow, I see him again on the 16th, and then I donít see him again after that until the 30th. And when I saw Larry last week, he told me to E-mail him if I think of anything that he and I could do this week. I thought that maybe we could walk over to the Macs store tomorrow afternoon, I havenít taken him there yet. Iíd buy a couple chocolate bars to have for my snack.

Both my mom and my dad each won $5 last night on their scratches, but I didnít win anything on mine.

Please write me before Thursday.


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