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Wednesday June 3,2009



First, my mom thought that you chose a funny subject:

> things are probably ok

you wrote:
> ...Next sunday sounds great and of course you can walk bubbles...

Could we now walk the dogs on another day? We just found out this morning that my eye doctor had a cancellation for 9:45 on Monday morning, you know that I’ll want to take it easy on the day before because I don’t like to do much on the day before I have appointments. You can show up at my place at 1PM. And we’re lucky that they had a cancellation because my mom told me that otherwise we’d probably have to wait six months or a year before we could get in.

> ...i know you would take what she suggested seriously .Dont forget that myself and probably Larry would have more
> faith in your abilities as a hiker . I hope i understood what you said about Carol and the trail...

Carol told me that she doesn’t like too many long walks that go uphill so I can understand that a bigger hike such as the three and a half hour one around Buntzen Lake that I did with my dad a couple of times would be too much for Carol. It was that man she use to go out with named Rob who took Carol on that side trail at Campbell Park and it sounded to me like Rob’s the only person who knows about that trail, so I don’t know whether or not this trail is actually on the park map. And again, I said in the E-mail I sent you last night that Carol told me you start to see people again before you go on to the newly constructed boardwalks. This is why I assume that this trail Rob knew about is not the only way to get to the new boardwalks because Carol said that they never passed anybody else when they use to walk on that side trail, so there must be another trail that goes over to the boardwalks and is more accessible if Carol said that she started seeing people again once they got to the boardwalks.

> hey i saw the kittens on adopt a pet at my moms today...

I saw the five kittens too and of course what I remembered the easiest was that two of them were black. Now these are the other stories I know about that have been in the news over the last few days:

• When my dad saw on the news yesterday about the tolls that will be on the new bridge between Langley and Maple Ridge, he said that he’d rather keep going over the Port Mann as long as there will be tolls because it will cost him about $10 for both ways when he’s towing his little boat to and from Alouette Lake. That’s about $5 each way.

• And on Monday (just two days ago) when my mom saw the five o’clock news, she said that it looks like it’s going to be a bad year for forest fires seeing how there are already a few big ones.

Strange things have been happening in my E-mails. Larry told me when I saw him yesterday that he got both of the E-mails I sent him over the last week and he responded to them, but for some reason I did not receive his response. Also, yesterday when I checked my mail I got one from Hewlett-Packard that said quote “Thank you for registering your HP Photosmart D7460 Printer.” And then when I reminded my dad that he registered my new printer online for me after I bought the printer six months ago, he then said that they were a bit late.

And Larry can’t come on Tuesday June 23rd because he’s on vacation that week. He had his day planner with him yesterday and he booked off August the 8th from two o’clock to 9PM.

Remember that one of the times when you and I were driving back to my place recently we saw this yellow car that was facing the wrong way while parked on my street? Well yesterday as my mom was coming home, she saw a bylaw officer ticketing that car because it was facing the wrong way again. And then about an hour after Larry left, Marjoree’s Mercedes was facing the wrong way while parked on our side of the street in front of our house so my dad went over and told her that the bylaw officer had been by earlier. She said that she just stopped by to pick up the newspapers that were on her front porch.

And my mom saw so many stupid drivers today when I was out with her including ones who run red lights that she said no wonder there are so many accidents. Now here are a few excerpts for you, both from the E-mail that I sent you on Friday May 29th:

> And I don’t know if you ever noticed, but I now haven’t had any platys in my one ten gallon fish tank for a week.
> Remember that I had seven in there, six of them I bought a little more than a month ago when I went fish
> shopping with my dad and I still had an older adult one left in there from before. My mom flushed the seventh
> platy last Thursday (May 21st) after she found it dead and the other six died over the week before that day > (Thursday May 14th 2009 - Thursday May 21st)...

When I asked you last Sunday if you read the above, you then asked me if my dad was going to test the water. He already tested the water in all six of my aquariums in the afternoon on Monday May 18th, both ten gallons were a bit acidic and so was the six gallon upstairs so he added baking soda to just those three. He didn’t add it to any of the other three because they were okay. Here is the other excerpt:

> My dad didn’t tell me or my mom until he talked to my grandparents last Thursday evening (on May 21st 2009) that
> the elevators in their apartment building have been acting up. My grandma got stuck in one of the elevators
> sometime around three weeks ago, the elevator kept taking her up and down instead of stopping at the floor
> she wanted go get off and she was stuck in there for an hour until they finally turned the thing off and got her out.
> Both of my grandparents got stuck earlier in the day on May 21st when they went to use the elevator. Remember I
> told you in a previous E-mail that they were down to just one elevator for a while because the other one was out for
> quite a while after my grandparents had told my mom and dad at first that it was only suppose to take a week to fix...

The one elevator has been back in service for a few months now but both of them had since been acting up. In the E-mail that I sent you on Wednesday Dec.31,2008, do you remember reading about the time while their one elevator was out when they were having my auntie Karen and uncle Robert over to their place for supper? They brought Robert’s mom, Dren, with them. Karen and Robert didn’t know until they got to my grandparents’ building that the other elevator was out just for the one day. So because both elevators were out that day and she has health problems, they had to take Dren home and then come back and walk up the stairs.

Also, today was a good day to get up early because they started working next door again this morning and they started at about ten minutes before I got up at 8AM.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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