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Things just aren't right, John

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Tuesday June 2,2009 at 8:57 PM



Did you get the E-mail I sent you yesterday afternoon in which I finally gave you a response to what I think about walking up that steep hill and also in which I asked you about walking the dogs on Sunday? I went to Campbell Park earlier today with Larry and we walked around the ďLittle River Loop Trail.Ē We went clockwise around the loop trail, we walked along the East side of the river first and then we walked over the Listening Bridge before coming back up on the West side. It was when we were walking back up the West side almost at the spot where the trail leaves the forest and heads out into that open meadow when Larry asked me if I wanted to continue following the rest of the ďLittle River Loop TrailĒ back to the car or if I want turn left at this side trail and try a different walk. He said that thereís a couple of boardwalks on it. Today was the first time in quite a while that Iíve been to Campbell Park and the last time was the time I was there a few years ago with Carol when she told me about a trail that got some new boardwalks on it, but she and I havenít since gone back there to check it out. Carol was a little worried however about taking me on that trail just her and I because she said that it wasnít as well used as some of the trails in the park that are more open and she couldnít exactly tell me how to get over to the new boardwalks from the parking lot, but I say that things arenít right because I still donít want to go on that trail either with Larry or with you. Now that Larry showed me today where I can turn off the main trail to go over to the new boardwalks, I think now I know that we can go through there without going on that one spot Carol was worried about. She told me that after you come out of that part that wasnít well used, you start to see people again before you go on the new boardwalks. And you probably have no clue what Iím talking about after you told me that youíve never been in Campbell Park before, but I could draw a map.

When Larry told me today that he saw on the news about itís harder for them to adopt cats out at this time of the year, I told him that they said the same thing on todayís Adopt-A-Pet segment. My mom called me into the family room today to watch it just before he came. Anyway, after I told him that I saw the same thing that he saw he then asked me if I watch the news. I just said that I watch it sometimes instead of telling him that I havenít watched much since before the big altercation two years ago at Christmas except either when Iíve watched it with you or when my mom had called me into the family room to watch the occasional Adopt-A-Pet segment.

And my dad brought cake home today. It was for my dad for working 35 years at Hydro, but it happened a year or two ago but they just got around to doing it. He brought home two slices of chocolate iced white cake that were pretty close to the same size of slice that I have whenever I usually have cake and he also brought home four small pieces that are about half the size, I had one of the two big pieces today for my dessert after supper.

I hope that I wonít have a lousy sleep tonight because I have to get up at eight oíclock tomorrow morning.


P.S. Incase you didnít get my first message, here is the part where I gave you my response about walking up that steep trail:

I could manage that steep trail through the woods. We can do it next Sunday (on June the 7th) as long as they donít predict any rain for that day. Can I walk Bubbles again this time? And if we decide on Dairy Queen afterwards, Iím not sure about the one at 138th Street and 72nd Avenue because I remember at that one you have to go up to the counter and ask them to buzz you into the washroom. I wonder if the new DQ near 152nd Street and Highway 10 is open yet?
And I didnít know that I was suppose to respond before you came yesterday to let you know what we were doing. I got your response yesterday when I checked my mail about an hour before you showed up, maybe you should have responded sooner to my first E-mail if you wanted to ride in on your ebike. But anyway, please donít come here on it. Carol wouldíve never came here on an E Scooter (or a motorcycle) seeing how I told you before that she isnít one to ride a bike.

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