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After our visit with Kris

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Monday May 18,2009 at 3:20 PM



You asked as soon as we were walking down the hall after we left Krisís apartment and you asked me again just as you were going to leave once my mom and dad got home if I had a good time when we saw Kris. And I did have a good time, but I will always say that I Iíd like it better if Carol were the person who takes me to see Kris. Kris doesnít know that I havenít watched any movies for a long time or that I havenít been inside a move theatre since the time when I went with him almost ten years ago to see ďMuppets from Space,Ē and he also doesnít know that he wonít get an immediate answer if he asks me a question that would put me on the spot like if he invites me to go bowling with him for example. I think that Carol wouldíve known to not share anything with him that I want to keep confidential. And after I told you before that neither Mac or Kris know I havenít watched movies for a long time, I thought that you said you would never discuss it with anyone outside of the professionals who support me.

When you asked Kris if he had heard from Mac lately, he said that he hasnít talked to him since my birthday dinner last year. For your information, Mac and Kris donít keep in touch. Mac has other friends who Kris doesnít know and Kris also has other friends too, the two of them only see each other when theyíre around me. I met Kris when I lived in Whalley and I didnít meet Mac until I got to High School, I didnít start High School until after we moved to South Surrey. The two wouldíve never met each other if it wasnít for me.

And you didnít remember how Kris got hurt and you thought that maybe it happened in the parking lot just outside his apartment. I told you everything in the E-mail I sent you on Friday Apr.10,2009 and then I think my dad phoned you the next day to make sure you got that E-mail, Kris was crossing a driveway near where he works when a car came zooming out of the driveway and hit him. The lady who was driving the car had been talking on her cell phone.

And I wish that Larry wouldnít have phoned here on Friday afternoon when I was just about ready to ask my mom to come look at the E-mail I had typed up for you before I sent it, I didnít want to take more time to rewrite/rearrange the message that I was almost finished writing in order to accommodate the information that Larry had just given us. A lot has been happening l ately and I already had enough things to tell you about before I first started writing your message, I didnít want to feel rushed by trying to include more. This is another reason why Iíd prefer if Carol was still my worker, because she wouldnít be working with me on Tuesdays therefore mom and I could keep our plans for tomorrow and we wouldnít have had to worry about telling Larry that weíve decided to cancel for tomorrow anyway so that mom and I can be out of the house before 11:30 AM. I still think that Carol wouldíve worked better for me because whenever she couldnít see me on a Sunday, she was always able to reschedule for either the day before or the day after. She never liked to miss a session with me until the time when our relationship had ended. Larry canít come here earlier than 1PM on Tuesdays because he told me that he works somewhere else in North Surrey before he sees me.

Also when I was in the middle of writing my E-mail last Friday afternoon (afternoon of Friday the 15th), my mom had walked over to get the mail and when she got back she told me that she saw a note on the mailbox that said ďlost, yellow budgie.Ē She then said that she hopes Izzy hasnít been chasing it

Speaking about budgies, I didnít tell you yet about the bird that my grandma got back in March of this year. When my dad talked to her on the phone a little more than two months ago in the evening of Friday March 13th, she told him that they got a new parakeet. It only had a small cage to start with, I remember that they got a bigger cage for it not long after they got the bird. My grandpa pulled the bird a bit too hard when they tried to get it to go from the small cage into the bigger one so it lost some of its tail feathers. And my dad already saw the bird, but obviously neither my mom or me have saw it. I havenít gone out there for at least five years and you know that Iíll probably never see it. Thatís also okay because Iím more interested in cats, dogs, and fish. I donít really care too much for birds and I would never want to have one myself for a pet, I couldnít put up with having a bird around 100% of the time because sometimes they can be noisy.


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