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Saturday May 16,2009



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> ...I finally uploaded the propane fire on the beach from last year .Its on utube.

I think that you sent me the wrong URL, I click on the link that you gave me for YouTube and it takes me to the YouTube ďSign inĒ page.

> Just a thought about driving someone to the hospital . I would suggest calling an ambulance and the fire department
> instead of driving someone to the hospital. Its a much safer option .Even if the person didnt want to thats what i
> would do.

I didnít have any control in this one, John. I didnít know anything about this until after my dad got home later that same day and I wasnít at his work earlier when it happened. It would have been up to either him or anybody else who works on Angieís if they wanted to call an ambulance.

We might get a few extra donuts so that Kris could have a couple left for himself. And my dad picked up a two liter bottle of 7UP yesterday on his way home from work for me to take to Krisís.

Also, Larry phoned us yesterday afternoon to let us know that now he will be able to come this Tuesday (on the 19th). He said that we was suppose to be a witness at a trial but he had a call from the lawyer to let him know that they didnít need him. Anyway, my mom said to Larry when he called that weíd get back to him and let him know about Tuesday because she and I made plans to go out that day while the guys come here to do that energy audit. And I told you that theyíll be here at around 11:30 AM, but what am I going to say to Larry? Iím not sure if whether or not I want to cancel the plans that mom and I had made.

Now, mom and me were both awake for half of last night, so Iíll see you tomorrow at 1PM.


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