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Wednesday May 13,2009 at 3:23 PM



Can you believe it? Larry won all five games of “SORRY” that we played yesterday and then he won most of the “Connect Four” except the last game. There was one opportunity for Larry to connect four during the very last game, neither of us saw it for a while until I eventually saw it before he did so I blocked him. And he said that he’ll be E-mailing you because he thinks he deserves a medal for this record, winning five straight games of “SORRY” while I didn’t win any. This was the first time when something like this has happened, but I was hoping that first I would win all the “SORRY” games in one session to either you or Larry.

And my mom told me yesterday before she left that she wasn’t sure whether Izzy was inside or out so she told me to keep checking the backdoor. I checked for her at 1:40 PM when we got home after our walk, I checked for her again when I came out of the bathroom after I had my snack, but then I closed the curtains before we started playing our games and I forgot to check for an entire hour and a half. I poked my head through the curtains at around sometime when it was getting close to the end of our visit and she was there waiting outside the door. I then said to Larry that I don’t know how long she had been waiting out there. My mom later said that it was a nice afternoon for Izzy to have been outside, and she told me earlier when she saw the weather before Larry came that they weren’t predicting yesterday afternoon to be as nice as it turned out to be.


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