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Monday May 4,2009 at 3:20 PM



My cousin, Jeff, and his wife, Jen, had their baby and it’s a...boy. Jen went into labour at around 3PM yesterday and then she finally had a C-section at 6:30 this morning. My dad thinks the baby weights about seven pounds 13 ounces. And my mom said that she was sure they were gunna have a girl. I can see why she would say that, because my auntie Karen now has her third grandson and she doesn’t have any granddaughters.

Also, you haven’t told me yet if the day on which my other cousin will be getting married this summer looks good for you so far. I asked you if you can come on Saturday August 8th and my parents have to mail the wedding invitation back to my cousin so that she’ll know whether or not both of my parents will be able to make it.

Now in your E-mail response that you sent me two nights ago (on Saturday evening), you wrote:
> ...i downloaded all the pics as I lost them on the crashed laptop...

And I’ve deleted all eight files from the Stunts Illusion site and then I just put up the Crescent Park pics for you to download at
My dad was out at BC Hydro’s South Vancouver substation on Kent Avenue last Wednesday (April 29th) and from there he took some pictures (and a video) of the new North Arm Bridge that carries the Canada Line over the north arm of the Fraser River between Vancouver and Richmond, I also uploaded those for you and you can get it all from
And my dad saw a bicycle going across the new bridge when he was there last Wednesday so the pedestrian and bicycle pathway that’s underneath the new bridge must now be open.

You also wrote in your E-mail response last Saturday evening:
> Some people have a phobia about umbrellas . I wonder if theres a technical name for it .Something like
> marypoppinism,,lol,,i crack myself up you decide to use an umbrella it should be
> ok ..Maybe wear some heavy boots in case the wind picks up...

> ...If you decide to use an umbrella it should be ok ..Maybe wear some heavy boots in case the wind picks up...

I didn’t say that I hope Larry will be okay with going to Campbell Valley Park if it rains tomorrow, I said that I hope he’ll be okay that I don’t want to go if it rains. And I told you before that I’m not sure about Larry’s idea of going for a walk and using umbrellas on the days when it rains.

When you and I played “Connect Four” last Thursday (on April 30th) and the button said “cheers” after we played the first game, you asked me if I knew that it would say “cheers” before we even pressed it because I remember the last one being “prost” when I played with Larry two days before. “Prost” wasn’t the last one when I played with Larry, my mom set off the “Cheers” button when she went to put her purse on the kitchen table the next day (on Wednesday the 29th) and that was when I heard it say “prost.”

Also last Thursday, you asked me when my new neighbours are suppose to move in and here is what I told you in the message I sent you on Monday Apr.27,2009:

> ... After I told my mom that you saw the motorcycle, she said that they might not rent the house out for a
> while because Marvin and Marjoree have work that they want to do on it first. She saw them starting
> to do some work there on Tuesday Apr.14,2009...

Marvin and Marjoree were there two days ago (on Saturday May 2nd), they had their garage and their front door open all day and all of their furniture was for sale except their fridge, stove, and dishwasher because their new house comes fully furnished seeing how it was a lottery prize home so there were a lot of cars coming and going all day. I could hear cars coming and going all morning again, so I thought at first that maybe the neighbours across the street were having another garage sale and I didn’t know until my parents told me after I got up that the cars were coming and going from Marvin and Marjoree’s this time.

One of the two female adult mollies that I told you I had left hadn’t been doing well and my dad didn’t tell me until just two days ago (on Saturday) that he flushed it a week before. Well, my dad noticed two days ago on Saturday that the other female is now sick.

And my dad told us about the new machine that they had at the dentist when he was there two days ago (on Saturday) for his dental checkup. Instead of scraping, this is suppose to vibrate to get the plaque off your teeth and then they rinse with water to keep it cool. They didn’t have that machine the last time when I was there six months ago and they also didn’t have it the last time my mom was there back in January, so maybe either they just got it or it might’ve only been in the cubicle that my dad was in because maybe they’re just trying it. I wonder if it’ll be there when I have my appointment on next Thursday (the 14th).


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