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Saturday May 2,2009 at 10:11 PM


Hi Neil

thanks for the stunt links .i downloaded all the pics as I lost them on the crashed laptop . I can't commit to wednesday as i may have a guitar gig that day . The ministry changed me back to 9 hours a week again .This happened a week after they gave me more hours if we could use them . Some months have one extra day in them. I never billed for them because the extra day made up for some hours that might be missed . However i wouldnt mind a day off sometime in May to make up for the extra day in April . Whatever works best for you .

Some people have a phobia about umbrellas . I wonder if theres a technical name for it .Something like marypoppinism,,lol,,i crack myself up you decide to use an umbrella it should be ok ..Maybe wear some heavy boots in case the wind picks up..hehe..see ya tomorrow..cheers...John

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