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Saturday May 2,2009



Did you get the E-mail I sent you yesterday titled A sunny start to May? We had a guy come in this morning to give us a quote for replacing our furnace and he said that they have to do an energy audit before they put in the new furnace so that we qualify to get some money back. It will take a couple of hours so were trying to figure out what day might work for this, maybe either Wednesday or Thursday this coming week. Would you be able to come on Wednesday this week instead of Thursday if it ends up being that day? Maybe you and I could go out and do something for a couple hours while they do the energy audit. And I dont know if these people would prefer mornings or afternoons, so you and I might end up going out for lunch.

Also, my mom saw on the latest weather forecast that its suppose to rain on Tuesday afternoon. I hope that Larry will be okay if I change my mind about going to Campbell Valley Park with him on that day, remember that he previously suggested about using umbrellas?

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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