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Wednesday Apr.29,2009 at 4:12 PM



I went in Larry’s Honda Fit for the first time yesterday. It had a lot of headroom and Larry said himself about how I couldn’t tell by looking at his car from the outside that there’s a lot of headroom inside, just like I told you before that I think Carol’s 2007 Toyota Yaris (which is also a hatchback) looks like a small K-car on the outside though I found it to be quite roomy inside. Larry responded to the last E-mail I sent him and one of the things he said in his response:

> ...The nice thing with the Fit is you can fit so much into it…I can easily fit my bike in along with camping and
> fishing gear...

Did you get that:

> ...The nice thing with the Fit is you can fit so much into it…I can easily fit my bike in along with camping and
> fishing gear...

And one time yesterday when we were talking about cars, he said something about he thought that his Honda Fit seemed like a safe car. I guess now I’ll have to E-mail Larry and tell him this time about what you said after you read crash test results and found out that the Pontiac Grand Prix received better safety ratings than the Honda Fit.

We walked around the big block in my neighbourhood yesterday before we came back to my place and then went to Dairy Queen. I got my usual medium chocolate shake and Larry got a chocolate Sundae. Now after I finished my shake, Larry asked me if I wanted to come back home for the rest of the afternoon or if I wanted to drive to Crescent Beach and go for another walk. It was only just after Two and because he’s with me til Five he thought that we should try to get the most out of the four hours that he spends with me every week by trying to do a few things that are different. And he said just say if I wanted to come back home because he said that he doesn’t want to be telling me what to do, but I agreed and we drove to Crescent Beach anyway. We parked at the same end where we parked the one time when I went there with you and then him and me did the same walk that you and I did, all the way down to the other end of the beach and back. All the more reason that I made the right decision to do a second walk at Crescent Beach seeing how all that fresh air seemed to help me get a good night sleep yet again. And he said to me in his words that he lets some of the other people who he works with treat him like he’s their chauffeur and he drives them anywhere they want to go, he’ll drive them to as many as five different places in one day.

One of the ideas that Larry suggested when we talked about different things that we could try to get the most out of the four hours, he suggested that one day we could take the “Connect Four” with us to a park and play it at a picnic table. I’m not sure about that idea though and I also don’t know about your idea that you mentioned not too long ago about breaking up the “Connect Four” and “SORRY” by playing a bit of both games on the days when you and I hang out.

Once we were at Crescent Beach, Larry said that he should’ve brought his camera with us so that he could’ve got some nice pictures on the walk. I then told him that I plan to go with you to Crescent Park tomorrow afternoon and take my camera. He said “that sounds nice” and then he said that maybe that might be another different thing him and I could try, I could bring my camera next Tuesday (on May the 5th) and we could drive to a different park to take more pictures. He told me to E-mail him and let him know which park I think I might want to go to this time. Now I’m getting the impression that Larry wants to go out to another park again on Tuesday. If he does and also seeing how you and I will probably go to Crescent Park tomorrow, I don’t know if I still want to go with you to see Kris on this Sunday. I went out yesterday with Larry, I went out to your place on Sunday to help walk the dogs, and you know that I could get wore out if we go out for too many sessions in a row. I didn’t say anything to Kris when I talked to him on the phone two nights ago (on Monday evening) about going to see him this Sunday. I told him that you see me on Sundays and Thursdays. Also when I talked to Kris on Monday, I told him about walking your dogs on the day before and he said that’s good of me to have done that. Last Sunday was the first time I walked a dog since before we put Brandy down which has now been more than three years ago. And Kris also said that he’s going to start going for physiotherapy every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

My mom found allan gummies yesterday when she was at London Drugs. She got me one blue bag of “Gummie Fruits” and one green bag of “Gummie Berries” and this was the first time in a while that she saw allan gummies anywhere. I might have one of the bags for my snack tomorrow afternoon when you’re here and I hope that this time they’re not all smooshed and melted together like I told you they were last time.

My mom told me to come into the family room yesterday when she saw a story on the five o’clock news about a dog that was picked up by high winds from a passing storm and was blown out of sight. The dog, Tinkerbell, was found two days later nearly a mile away.

My mom also called me into the family room yesterday just before Adopt-A-Pet when she found out that they were going to have kittens on. You know that I haven’t watched too much Adopt-A-Pet since before the big altercation that took place around Christmas 2007 but It’s also not too often when they have kittens on.

And my parents told me about the breaking news that was at the top of yesterday’s five o’clock news, there was a big grassfire in South Surrey at Highway 91 and Highway 99. My dad said that he didn’t see it when he was driving home from work, so he figures that it must’ve happened earlier in the afternoon.

Yesterday, my dad moved one of the two female betas that I got on Saturday over to the ten gallon with the platys because the two betas were sort of picking on each other. The other female beta now has the five gallon to herself.

Larry noticed and pointed out the same monkey puzzle tree in Crescent Beach that you had me touch. He asked me what I would think if he changed his name from Larry to “monkey puzzle tree,” and then when he first gets to my place on every Tuesday I could greet him by saying “hey Mr. monkey tree.” And he thought that the monkey puzzle tree at Crescent Beach would be the only one around here because he knows that they bring them up from Argentina, so I corrected him and told him about the time when Amir pointed out a monkey tree in my neighbourhood.

Larry also saw giant Chess pieces in one yard yesterday when we were walking along Crescent Beach, and they were on a giant Chessboard.

Remember I told you before that I had never met Karley Smith after you asked me a few times if she’s the realtor who I met? My mom and dad didn’t tell me until yesterday that Karley Smith is the daughter of Mel Smith, the one who I told you sold our house.

And my dad labeled his wine improperly. After he labeled it last Saturday evening (on the 25th), he was putting it away down in the crawlspace when he saw that he already had other wine down there labeled “2008.” He had written “2008” on the stuff that he was putting away instead of labeling it as “2009.”

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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