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Re: No Larry again

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Monday Apr.6,2009 at 6:44 PM


Hi Neil

Ill see you at 1 oclock on thursday...our regular time on Sunday is fine . I think Larry is taking the how to win at sorry and connect four course again...hehe...cheers...John

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From: Neil McRae
Date: Monday, April 6, 2009 5:14 pm
Subject: No Larry again

> John,
> It is five o'clock right now and we just had a call from Larry
> about twenty
> minutes ago. He said that he's taking a training course tomorrow
> and he
> thought that he would be exempt from the course because he had
> taken it
> before. He just found out that he has to take it, so I guess now
> we won't
> see him until next Tuesday. And I heard my mom say to him on the
> phone that
> it just never seems to work out with us because it seems like
> we're not
> seeing him half the time when we're suppose to.
> My mom looked at the appointment slip and our meeting is at 1PM.
> Pleasewrite to me before Thursday to confirm that you got this
> message and you'll
> meet us in Port Coquitlam at one o'clock on that day. And we
> don't know if
> the new Dairy Queen on 152nd Street near Highway 10 is open yet, so
> hopefully we'll remember to check when we drive by on our way to the
> meeting. If we end up going to that one in Fleetwood, don't
> forget that
> you'll have to ask the ladies behind the counter to let me into
> the washroom
> after I order. I think I'll be getting my usual chocolate shake.
> And is it okay if we just have you come for your regular
> afternoon visit on
> Easter Sunday instead of you and I having a meal together? My
> mom reminded
> me that she isn't sure if the Chinese thing at Safeway will be
> open late on
> Easter Sunday.
> -Neil

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