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Saturday Mar.21,2009



First, I don’t want to ride your E Scooter at all if you get one. I know that what you said about driving it around on the beach was only a joke, but when I say that I don’t want to ride it “at all” I mean that I won’t even ride it around in my own driveway. I remember Dr. McKibbin said about how it’s a good thing that I plan to never get on a motorbike and I’m keeping my word. And all the more reason why I think that Carol should still be my worker, I didn’t have to E-mail her to give her advanced notice about which days I wanted to go out for my snack because I know that she will never buy a bike seeing how she isn’t one to ride one. Remember that I didn’t E-mail you with advanced notice for some of the days when we drove to a park and walked around? Sometimes I don’t know until that day comes whether or not we’ll just be going around my neighbourhood for our walk. Or on the other hand, will Dianne get to drive the new car on the days you come here on your E Scooter or will she still be driving the van?

Did you get the E-mail that I sent you yesterday afternoon titled “A little something to remember?” Within less than ten minutes after I sent it, I heard a big bang of thunder that I wasn’t expecting to hear and then it started raining pretty good out there. Water was running over the eaves above our deck like it was a stream of water running down. This storm came as a surprise to us because my mom said that they didn’t say anything about it on the weather forecast that she saw a few hours before. Did you guys get this heavy downpour?

Now when I forwarded that E-mail to you yesterday afternoon, I also forwarded it to Larry who had never received anything from me before. Remember that he sent both of us the link to the opening from the TV series “Hawaii Five-O” and I told you that I received an E-mail from him a week before then in which he asked me if I might be interested in starting my own blog? Well, yesterday was the first time I sent him something. I would’ve sent him an E-mail a few weeks ago to tell him about your new car, but that was obviously when I was starting to not feel well. Also obviously, Larry found out later that you got a new car because I told him about it when he stopped in last Monday. So it might be too late to send him an E-mail about your new car, but I could still send him another E-mail before Tuesday (if he responds before then) after he made fun of your car. Tell him that the wheels come off the Honda Fit after 20 thousand kilometers and that you came up with a name for it that rhymes with a swearword. What else did you come up with when you were making fun of it, I know that there was a lot of things? Anyway, I was already thinking in my mind before you showed up last Thursday (two days ago) that maybe I could get Larry to take me in his Honda Fit for the first time when he comes this Tuesday and I could get a milkshake at Dairy Queen. Do you think it would be a good idea though to tell him that I want to go out with him in the same message where we make fun of his car?

Yesterday, Francis at my dad’s work gave my dad a story he had printed out that Chris Olsen had on CTV News about “Telus price matching.” After reading the printout, my dad phoned Telus this morning and until today we were paying them $40 per month for our phone service. Now we’ll be paying them $20.95 which is what Shaw was offering. We’ll also be paying $10 less per month for our internet and it will be four times as fast. And our call display will be active within the next 24 hours, my dad tried calling our home phone number on his cell phone to see if our call display was active already but it wasn’t yet the last time when he tried.

And you asked me two days ago when you saw my new baby mollies that are downstairs in the 38 gallon if the few adults that I have in that same tank would eat the babies. Well, I told you in the E-mail I sent you last Wednesday that these 30 or forty new ones that you saw are smaller than the baby mollies that my dad talked about moving down from the six gallon tank that’s in my bedroom.

Points about news stories:

• I didn’t know that actress Natasha Richardson passed away following a head injury sustained when she fell during a skiing lesson until you saw the story in the paper when you were here two days ago, but I knew for a long time about the mudslide in Port Moody seeing how it happened almost a year before I stopped watching the news.

• And my mom told me about the story that was in yesterday’s Peace Arch about the South Surrey pool had to be evacuated on the afternoon of the day before after a call came in about a potential leak of hydrochloric acid. The spill was reportedly no bigger than the size of a coffee cup lid. It happened when a container of the chemical, which is used to balance the pool’s pH levels, was being moved. The facility was evacuated of all staff and visitors as a precaution.

• My mom also told me she read in today’s paper that Petcetera is having money problems and might have to close some of their stores.

And my mom found the surprise that you left for us. The coupon out of the cat food bag, a pen, and one of my mom’s hair things were all inside the paper holder that you gave me for Christmas.

My dad saw a kiosk in Willowbrook Mall when he was there this morning, the kiosk is set up by an organization called “CARES” which stands for “Canadian Animal Rescue & Extended Shelter.” He stopped by and picked up a brochure that has a bunch of cat pictures in it for you and I to scan tomorrow afternoon. And I’ll let you know before the next time when you and I play either “Connect Four” or “SORRY” that your beloved “Cheers” button got pushed once since the last time when we played. My dad went to move his puzzle yesterday afternoon, and when he moved it the “Cheers” button went off and surprised him.

And in the E-mail you sent me on Saturday Feb.28,2009, you wrote:
> ...ahyways you know im coming tomorrow and i received your emails..we'll have fun tomorrow...

After you asked me what time you could come on my mom’s birthday, I said in the E-mail I sent you on Tuesday Feb.24,2009 that you could come at 1PM and then you asked me again when you saw me two days later (on the 26th). You said that you asked me again because you already knew what time to show up but we hadn’t yet told you what time to stay til, so I asked you in the next E-mail I sent you (the one that I sent you on Friday Feb.27,2009) if one to 7PM was okay. And because I didn’t receive a response from you the next day (on Saturday) to confirm that you can stay until 7PM, I told my mom and dad to phone you after supper while I was upstairs having my shower. When I came back downstairs, I found out that they didn’t phone you because they said that they got distracted while they were watching their TV show even though I made it clear to them before I went upstairs that they were to phone you and ask if you got the E-mail that I sent you on the day before (on Friday). After I came downstairs and found out that they didn’t phone was when my dad phoned you after you had fell asleep, I know you said when my dad phoned that you’re on for tomorrow (“tomorrow” being my mom’s birthday) but he didn’t ask you if you got my E-mail and that was the main reason why I wanted him to phone. So that’s why I E-mailed you a couple hours after he phoned, because I still didn’t know after my dad phoned you that you didn’t have to leave before 7PM and you were okay to stay until then.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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