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Tuesday Feb.24,2009



I didnít have an upset stomach last night and my sleep was good enough, so now you know that the Fruit Mania didnít bother me. I also remember that you brought up yesterday what I wrote in one of my last E-mails about not having more than two things per day that are caffeinated. I donít remember if it was you or Larry who then asked me if thatís because I donít like too many caffeinated products. I would like to have more than two per day if I could, but you know that Iím more likely to have trouble sleeping on the following night if I have too much caffeine in one day.

Iíll go test drive used cars with you on Thursday afternoon as long as we wonít be driving any Volkswagens or convertibles and as long as you donít already have that Nissan before then. If you do have it in time, we could instead take it for a drive around my neighbourhood on that day. Please donít unexpectedly pop in tomorrow to take me for a ride if you have the new car then.

And if Dianneís gunna be jealous and make you drive the van some days, then I at least hope that sheíll let you drive the new car on the days when you come here. You should let her drive the new car home from the dealership if you buy it tomorrow.

I called my friend, Mac, this afternoon to tell him about my unexpected visit from you last Saturday after I told you before then that I didnít have anything new to tell him. He mustíve already known before I talked to him today that the Jaguar is not a reliable car because after I told him that I got to sit inside one he then said that he doesnít want his mom to buy one. I think that his mom doesnít really care for Jaguars and just wants to steal the ornament off the hood.

And my dadís thinking about going to the Boat Show thatís on next weekend (March 7th and 8th) at the Tradex in Abbotsford and he asked me to invite Mac to go with him. Heís thinking about taking Mac and maybe my grandpa seeing how they both seem to walk at the same pace. My dad thinks that this Boat Show will have more of what heís looking for, more smaller boats. Thatíll be next weekend, weíll be busy with my momís birthday festivities this weekend. And would you be able to stay a bit later if you come here this Sunday. Thatís her actual birthday and she might want to go out with my dad for a nice dinner. If you could come at 1PM on that day, we could make up the time that we didnít use two Mondays ago (on the 9th) when I had to cancel.

I hope that you will have the new car in time for Thursday.


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