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More lousy sleeps

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Tuesday Feb.17,2009



I didn’t sleep good last night and my mom was surprised when I told her because she knows that I got lots of exercise the last three days, I got out two days ago (on Sunday afternoon) with her for a walk and I got out with her again on the afternoon before for another walk. She thinks maybe it was the WESTERN FAMILY iced tea that I had to drink with my evening snack yesterday which she knows had some caffeine in it but she doesn’t know how much. I never knew until today that iced tea has caffeine in it. I told you in previous E-mails that I try not to have more than two things per day that have caffeine in them, I had one of the “Chips Ahoy” pudding cups yesterday for my dessert after supper and then you know that I had the Oreo Thinsations for my snack earlier in the day. If my mom thought I already knew that iced tea has caffeine in it, then why did she let me get away with having three things yesterday that have caffeine in them? My total so far for this month is now up to six lousy sleeps. Is there not some kind of pill that I could take only on nights if I don’t fall asleep before a certain time?

I hope you will write me before Thursday.


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