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Sunday Jan.25,2009



Thanks for taking the time to respond.

you wrote:
> ...The only tube tv i saw on there was in the trailer park section and it had a coat hanger for an antenna...

> had a coat hanger for an antenna...

That’s funny.

> ...Its pretty cold out tonight .Wonder if it will really snow. I've had enough snow this year already...

My mom told me Wayne said on the news two days ago (on Friday) that now we aren’t getting any snow this weekend but we might get some on Tuesday. And obviously I've had enough snow already too.

My dad thought he could hear a siren late in the evening two days ago (on Friday evening). I looked out the front window a few minutes later and saw a fire truck parked in front of our house, I got my dad and he came and opened the front door. After my dad opened the door, the firemen pointed their flashlight at us and then they said that they came because there had been reports of an assault out here. My dad told them that he hadn’t heard anything. After I said to my dad that I wonder if we’ll hear anything more about this, he told me about how they get false calls sometimes.

My dad bought a package of Rolaids a couple days ago for his stomach. He was looking for them yesterday afternoon but he couldn’t find them. My mom found them later in the afternoon in the pocket of his pants after they had gone through the wash so they weren’t good anymore.

Izzy killed a bird this morning and then my dad doesn’t know whether she killed another one this afternoon or if she’s been packing the same one around. This could be the first time that Izzy killed two birds on the same day.

My dad found another batch of baby mollies swimming around inside my 38 gallon last Wednesday (on the 21st) after he got home. These ones were the same colour as their parents, black, but my dad said at first that he won’t bother moving any upstairs this time. He said that he’ll see if they survive in the big tank, until yesterday when he discovered that there was only about ten or twelve babies left in the big tank. The rest have been getting eaten, so my dad caught the ones that are left and moved them upstairs to the tank that’s in my bedroom.

Also last Wednesday (on the 21st), we found a dead male platy in my one ten gallon. We found another dead platy in the same tank a week before on Sunday the 11th, that one was a female. Now I have one adult male platy and three females left in the one ten gallon, and I have four big black female mollies left in my 38 gallon but I don’t have any big males. My dad thinks that they are mostly females swords in the batch of baby swords that’s in my five gallon.

And speaking about my five gallon, its light bulb burnt out two Thursdays ago (on the 15th of this month). My dad drove over to the “Fraser Aquarium” store the next day (on Friday) at lunch, that’s the store where I told you I bought my new five gallon just a few months ago. The guy at the store said that these bulbs should last for two years but my dad told me that he doesn’t know how long it had been sitting in the store. And my dad had to pay $20 at that store to buy a replacement bulb.

My mom was watching Jeopardy on Friday evening (two days ago) and I caught it when the category “NEIL DIAMOND'S GEMS” came on. I knew the answer to these clues:

• While Neil only had a minor hit with this "colorful" song, UB40 took it to No. 1

• In a 1979 hit Neil went casual singing, "As long as I can have you here with me I'd much rather be" this

• Neil's first No. 1 hit wasn't as a singer but as a writer of this Monkees song

See you tomorrow at 1PM. And I don’t know if we’ll go for a walk tomorrow afternoon, my shoulder ‘s been sore today. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


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