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Friday Jan.23,2009



I remember that not once but twice yesterday after I came out of the bathroom you were admiring our lamps. So you also like the same styles of lamps that I like? You heard my mom and dad say after they got home that they looked around a few furniture stores. They looked at kitchen table and chairs sets, coffee tables, and at lamps but they didn’t like anything that they saw yesterday. And I said this in the E-mail I sent you on Tuesday Nov.18,2008 about wanting to live in the 1990s:

> ...I know that most people think that flat-screen is better, but I’m probably one of very few people in the world who
> so call it “would rather be stuck living in the 1990s,” back when round tube TVs were in etc. Also, remember that
> I sent you a photo a few months ago of my uncle Gordon and auntie Sue’s kitchen table and chairs set which
> has upholstered chairs. I wanted to get a set with upholstered chairs just like their’s...but unfortunately
> upholstered table and chairs sets aren’t being made anymore and I didn’t like the look of too many of the kind of
> table and chairs sets that we see in the stores today...

My mom and dad have been looking for a couple new lamps for in our living room and family room, I like the kind you see all over our house now that have the pleated shade and you see hardly any of those in the stores today. All you see in the stores today are those newer style of lamps which I don’t like the look of compared to the ones we have now that have the pleated shade. We also spent some time looking around before we found the couch and loveseat that we have now. They don’t make as many couches and loveseats like that as they did in the 90s, most of the ones nowadays have loose cushions on their backs. My mom said that most of the people on her decorating shows hat she watches say that the furniture, lamps, etc that I like are out of style and they like the newer things better. That was a few weeks or a month or two ago, but obviously my mom and dad discovered just yesterday while they were looking around the furniture stores that they didn’t like any of the furniture styles

Another thing about the 1990s is the fact that it seems green was an in colour back then. It wasn’t as hard to find green clothing and it wasn’t so hard to find dark green bathmats then either. My mom got me a new bath mat at Sears the time two weeks ago (on Thursday Janl.8,2009) when she was out shopping with my dad. Not a rubber bathmat like the kind I wrote about in a previous E-mail I sent to you that goes inside the bathtub, she got a rug one that goes on the bathroom floor outside the tub. She also got me another rug bath mat at “Linens N Things” a few months ago when they were shopping while you were with me on Monday Nov.10,2008. Neither of the new mats my mom got for me are the shade of green I wanted though. She couldn’t find any forest or hunter green bathmats like the ones I already have that have been wearing out, so she got me the closest she could find.

Speaking about “Linens N Things” by the way, did you know that they went out of business? Not long after the time when my mom and dad were there a few months ago, my mom told me that they were doing a better business in Canada than they were in the States so they also had to close all of their Canadian stores if they wanted to close all of their U.S. ones because they were a U.S. business.

And I remember you said when you were here last month on Monday Dec.8,2008 that you thought all manufacturers now make their sedans with the smaller windows. Well, this would be another reason in addition to the ones that I already gave above to want to be stuck living in the 90s. Now also speaking about cars, I remember Larry said more recently when he was here just last Monday that he had a Honda Prelude at one time that had a sunroof and another time he had a different kind of car that had a hardtop. I don’t like either hardtops or soft-tops, but obviously I ride in your Camry and it has a sunroof. I just won’t ride in anything with a roof that either folds away or can be detached from the rest of the car. Now sunroofs “are just not my preference” meaning that I’ll still ride in a vehicle that has a sunroof but say if I were picking out a new vehicle and the salesperson asks me to choose whether or not I want a sunroof, then I’d choose to not have one. And don’t forget I said to you in previous E-mails that the Honda Prelude is one of my dream cars, just without a sunroof.

I don’t have anything against the Germans. And it isn’t just Korean car manufactures, I consider any Korean company cheap. I don’t like any electronics that are made by Samsung for example because Samsung is a cheap Korean electronics company. Now you didn’t remember when Larry was here last Monday that they’re using different technology for the Canada Line that will not be compatible with skytrain. I explained to you in the E-mail I sent you over a year ago on Tuesday Jan.15,2008 about how skytrain is heavy rail while the Canada Line is not light rail, but is a cheaper form of heavy rail transit that will probably break down more often than skytrain. Those Hyundai brand cars will only be used on the Canada Line while the Expo and Millennium lines will continue to operate what they already have in use now.

When my mom and dad were going through our records in the afternoon two Saturdays ago (on Jan.10,2009), they found the receipt for my Hitachi brand tube TV that is currently in our living room. We bought it 15 years ago in 1993, so my dad said “don’t expect it to last many more years “ Once it does go, all that you see in the stores today for TVs are the flat-screen ones. My mom and dad also found two Saturdays ago when they were going through our old papers and receipts, some old postcards from the mid to late 70s. One was sent to my parents from my auntie Ann when she was in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. And another one from my grandparents (my dad's parents) when they were in Kern River Valley, California.

And my mom told me that she saw on yesterday’s weather we might get some snow over the weekend. Not the news that we wanted to hear.

My mom also told me that she saw a story on yesterday’s Global National about where you have a good chance of getting a job in the future with the recession on. They said that you have a good chance of being employed right now if you go into anything medical because the population is getting older.

I hope you will have time to write me before Monday.


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