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dWednesday Jan.21,2009



I think I learned on Monday that Larry’s just as goofy as you are. I felt really tired two days ago (on Monday) after you guys left, now I’m not so sure of the idea about having yourself on Sundays and then Larry on Mondays.

My dad and the rest of his carpool had an adventure on their first commute after the Pattullo Bridge closed. After my dad picked up everybody that day (on Monday), he got on Highway 99 at 32 Avenue. Highway 99 was like a parking lot so he got off at King George and then cut across Colebrook Road to Highway 91. And then it wasn’t too bad because Highway 91 was only backed up to 64th Avenue, but Queensborough Bridge traffic was really bad going into work that morning so he took the Knight Street Bridge after work and then went home through the tunnel. And my dad said that his commute after work that same day (again, on Monday) was “thick pea soup” all the way home because it was so foggy. They weren’t out of the fog until they were almost to my place, even Crescent Road down here in South Surrey was “thick pea soup” that afternoon. Now my dad’s next two commutes without the Pattullo Bridge:

• Tuesday Jan.20,2009: My dad took the tunnel into work and then went back home over the Port Mann.
• Wednesday Jan.21,2009: My dad went in over the Alex Fraser, he said that it wasn’t too bad this morning.

And I hope that the Pattullo Bridge will be open again in time for our meeting in Port Coquitlam on February the 5th so that we won’t have to wait in a line of cars that would be going around the Port Mann. I hope we won’t have to leave earlier on that day.

My dad walked up to the pet store (“King Ed Pet Centre” at Kingsway and Edmonds) from his work two days ago (on Monday) at lunch. On his walk he passed an apartment building and a lady was outside in front of it gardening. My dad didn’t know until he was almost passed her that there was a cat in the tree above her, so he laughed and then he said to the lady quote “you’re being watched.”

My neighbour who lives in the house on the other side of Muriel's is getting a new roof. I don’t know if you heard noises and saw a bin in their driveway on Monday (two days ago), but they were working on it that day when you were here. And they’re still working on it today.

My dad discovered another batch of baby mollies swimming around inside my 38 gallon tank two days ago (on Monday) after he got home from work. He thought they might be dark brown this time. And he moved some of them upstairs, but there were so many babies in this batch that he decided he’ll leave some in the tank downstairs and see if they grow.

My dad was sitting in his chair in the family room last Thursday evening (evening of the 15th) working on his jigsaw puzzle and Izzy crawled underneath the puzzle while it was on my dad’s lap. And then two evenings later (on Saturday evening) when my mom went to get out of her chair after she’d been working on her jigsaw puzzle, she didn’t know that Izzy was underneath the puzzle board until she started to lift it off her lap. A while later that same evening (also on Saturday evening), Izzy wanted to curl up inside the puzzle box. And speaking about jigsaw puzzles, my dad finished his two nights ago (on Monday evening). Now he can start working on the glow in the dark jigsaw puzzle that I told you we got him for Christmas.

My dad was telling us last Friday (on the 16th) after he got home from work about a guy at his work who lives in Coquitlam who had a cougar at his backdoor. And the cougar was so big that they were glad they had the door between it and them.

My mom got two new chocolate flavours of JELL-O brand pudding cups for me to try when she was out shopping two afternoons ago (on Monday), “DEVILS FOOD” and “Chips Ahoy!”

My mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday afternoon and she isn’t any better today. She’s plugged up and she has a headache. She didn’t sleep good last night and my dad’s thinking about taking tomorrow afternoon off work.

Two days ago in Sunday’s Province newspaper, they had a link to a YouTube video in their “Pet of the Week” column. You and I could look at the video tomorrow afternoon, but anyway the URL is:

Also on Sunday (two days ago), my mom told me that she read in the paper that Andrew Wyeth died at age 91. He’s the one who painted the picture hanging on the wall above our couch in the living room of the dog laying on the bed. And we had that picture for a little more than two years, my mom and dad gave it to me for my 24th birthday in 2006.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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