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Saturday Jan.17,2009



I donít see why it was necessary for us to have that heavy conversation when you were here, before I even gave you my opinion about what I think if both Larry and you could come on the next two Mondays. And I donít remember saying that I didnít want to see Larry again until after we have our next meeting with FVMH. You heard me say in person when you were here two days ago (on Thursday) that Iím okay with Larry hanging out with us on the next two Mondays.

Before you asked me on Thursday (two days ago) if I wanted you to explain to me why I was given those extra hours, I already knew that it was so my mom and dad could get some more time to themselves. Now for your information, my dad works on weekdays and if none of the extra time gets used on weekends then that will give my mom even more time by herself during the week. I remember that my mom ran out of things to do on some of the weekdays in the past so she had to go sit in the library or drive down to the beach and then just sit in her car while parked at the beach. I also remember that I told you before my mom complained to me that she hardly gets to see our relatives anymore. She doesnít seem to want to drive out by herself to the valley and see them when my dadís working, my dad usually does the driving when they go out there. And I remember that time in October when Ray from Spectrum came with the forms for us to fill out, my mom said in person that she and my dad would like some more time to themselves on weekends.

I feel that we shouldnít have to revisit the option about moving out only because I donít want to let Carol go and she doesnít want to resume our relationship. That just doesnít sound right. You know that Iíd speak up and say so myself if whatís unlikely were to happen and I did decide that Iím ready to try moving out. And I never said that I didnít want to have more hours than the amount of time that you and I spend together every week.

If it just somehow happens unexpectedly that either Larry or any other worker who doesnít drive a Volkswagen was able to come on Sundays but wasnít free on Saturdays then I would agree to it because either I could change my Monday visits with you to Tuesdays or you said that you shouldnít see me getting too tired after I have sessions with a worker seeing how especially you and I donít do a lot. I also remember that time in October when Ray came, he asked me if Saturdays were okay for a worker to spend time with me or if I would prefer another day. I then suggested to him ďhow about SundaysĒ because I remembered that when Carol use to come here I always liked doing our weekly session on Sundays. And then my mom spoke up and said that she thought I might prefer Saturdays right now because she knows that I get tired easily and then you would still come here on Mondays.

You thought that Iíve been making excuses to get back at my mom and dad for ending my relationship with Carol by not letting someone new work with me. I donít understand why you would promote such a heavy conversation and mention the idea about revisiting the option of moving out if Iím willing to give Larry a try. Larry is someone new. Did I not say in the E-mail I sent you on Tuesday that Iíd agree to give up you if we canít think up another scenario that would allow me to let him come on the days that work for him? I wouldíve told you by now if I didnít want to work with Larry. And I really enjoy working with you and I wouldnít want to see it end.


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