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> ...If I remember correctly Larry had some positive things to say about getting to know and work with you ...

I remember you said in person that you thought those were nice things for him to say on Monday after he said them.

> ...I see you like Thursdays for a worker to work with you ...

I’d rather do Thursdays if the only two days in the entire week that a worker could come on are Thursdays and Fridays. Say I was given only Thursdays and Fridays to choose between, then I’d choose the Thursday.

> ...Of course that wouldn't work with your idea of not having someone 2 days in a row during the week ...

I said that I didn’t want to have a worker come on more than two weekdays period.

> ...It seems quite difficult to get someone on the weekends...

I told you that Carol was available to come on weekends. I wonder what Carol would think if she knew that we haven’t found someone else who would come here on weekends since the time she stopped working with me which has now been a year and a half ago.

> ...If you'd like a change in workers I'll let Rayner know as my contract ends at the beginning of February...

> my contract ends at the beginning of February...

That doesn’t sound good. Remember I said before that Carol didn’t have this type of contract with me, what we would’ve had if Carol didn’t stop working with me was like an unlimited or a permanent contract. And she kept telling me that she would always have me and Jennifer after she (Carol) retires.

> ...It also may be possible to extend my contract but I really have no control over Ministry decisions...

Last we heard about your contract which was back in September, we were told that either it could end in February or it might get extended another six months. Also keep in mind that our next meeting in Port Coquitlam is on February 5th which is a Thursday, and I assume that you probably still have the appointment slip.

Now remember I’ve been telling you that I’ve been sleeping into the early afternoon since my sleep patterns first changed. I usually wake up to my alarm on the days that you’re coming. Well I’m surprised that I was awake today since 10AM, this hasn’t happened for a while. I got out with my mom for a walk today just after lunch and I wore my new gloves for the first time. My mom said that they matched my coat well. We went around the big block and this is the first time I’ve been out for a walk since before we had all that snow. And we saw a light brown cat sitting in the front window looking out when we walked by one of the houses, but we didn’t see any cats today on our walk that were outside.

Last night we were watching my show “Privileged” on CityTV. And during one of the commercial breaks when we saw an ad for their Breakfast Television, they showed a cat named Chloe but it looked more like Izzy. Now I don’t remember what they said before they said her name, whether they said “what do you think Chloe” or if it was something else. All I remember’s that after her name was mentioned, she gave a cute little meow that I really liked so much that I wish I could have that segment on videotape. Or if I did have that segment, maybe I’d even post it on YouTube.

And my mom found a list of pet-related websites in the Vancouver Sun that she cut out for you and I to look at tomorrow afternoon:
Even though this website is primarily for cat lovers, it's filled with such hilarious photos and captions, even hardcore dog people will spend hours flipping through page after page of entries.

It's my (columnist, Val Cole) favourite of all the websites and the one that has been most forwarded to other people.

Each of them has become an instant addict as well.
Share photos and videos, read blogs and get information about cat breeds and anything else cat-related. Since cats generally think the world revolves around them, why not find out which spoiled celebrity your cat is most similar to with the Which Celebrity Is Your Cat? quiz.
You know how they say that dogs and their owners look alike? Well, perhaps that's because deep down they really are the same. Try the What Breed Are You? game. (And Val Cole was a Golden Retriever when she tried the “What Breed Are You” game.)

Each pet has its own picture profile page cataloguing its favourite things to do and who's on their "pals" list. Your dog or cat can send other pets "treats" and "barks" or "meows."
If you're having trouble figuring out what to name your new fluffy friend, you should be able to pick one out of the more than 20,000 pet names listed here. If you want something exotic sounding, choose names from countries all over the world. Like being popular? Pick a Top 10 pet name. Or, name your pet after a famous celebrity. You can even find out if the name you gave your pet has any special meaning.
Why not just let the pets themselves do the talking? That's what Max's owner did by giving his dog his own blog. Max dishes on his park escapades, how to sneak up on squirrels and when to use "puppy eyes" for maximum effect.

My mom told me that they had a black poodle mix on yesterday’s Adopt-A-Pet. They said that it’s somewhere around five years old and that it had to keep going back to the shelter after it had been in so many homes because it didn’t like to be left alone and it barked whenever it did get left alone. The week before (on Tuesday Jan.6,2009) on Adopt-A-Pet, they had on this Pitbull that was so friendly that it was all over them and it even gave Eileen a face wash.

And I remember that my dad said something last weekend about how Izzy’s like me because she also doesn’t seem to like being touched though my mom and dad say that she even attacks them too sometimes.

My cousin, Jenny, phoned my mom two days ago (after supper on Monday). And I told you before that she had paper route. Well one day when she was out on her paper route back when we had all the snow, she slipped and fell in front of one of the houses. And she was lucky that someone was home, an old man came out of the house just after she fell and she asked if he could help her up. She took his hand and then she got back up though she said that she could’ve gotten back up herself if she had taken off her backpack once she had fallen. Jenny also said two days ago on the phone that she likes her new room, but she has a home phone out there and whenever she gets a call for Judy she has to go outside and then go into the house to tell her.

Also, my dad had an E-mail from Kiernan two days ago (on Monday) after you left. He said that he might not make it to the Boat Show with my dad because he’s going down to California, but he might be back on February 7th and the Boat Show’s on til the 8th so they might go on the 8th if Kiernan makes it back in time. My dad responded to Kiernan’s E-mail on Monday after he got it and my dad said at the end of his response, “say hi to Mickey.” We don’t even know if he’s going to Disneyland on his trip.

And I got your E-mail titled “Fw: I want to be Trailer Trash.......humor.” I might send you my comments when I get time this coming weekend. My mom and dad might pick me up Safeway Chinese food for supper tomorrow after they leave the casino in Cloverdale and a Safeway sprinkled donut for dessert. And I wonder if they’ll run into Gordon for a fifth time when they’re at the casino.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


P.S. Links for today:

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* denotes a link that I gave in the E-mail that I sent you yesterday.

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