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We’re thinking that Saturday might be better for you and me to spend the day together if we want to get Chinese food for supper because we don’t know if Safeway closes early on boxing day. Is this still okay with you? Please confirm that you won't be coming tomorrow by responding to this E-mail. My mom found an image in the Wal-Mart flyer of a dog and a cat together for you and I to scan on Saturday.

you wrote:
> i now realise that there's a whole lotta muppet names i don't know ...

That was a list of all of the characters from The Muppets. Did you not realize that Sesame Street and The Muppets are two different franchises? Kermit’s the only one who’s a cast member of both franchises, but the Sesame Street and The Muppets casts appear together as well as all the cast members from the “Fraggle Rock” franchise in the 1987 Christmas television special “A Muppet Family Christmas.”

> Our kitchen sink stopped working so we got a air dryer and used it on the pipes .It actually worked .Now
> we keep a slow drip going .

Sounds like your pipes froze.

Silly Izzy, she wanted to go outside in the snow this morning and she stayed out there for about twenty minutes. The HandyDART wasn’t running today. My dad drove our neighbour, Muriel, who takes it everyday over to Morgan Creek care home today to see her sister, Jessie, because Jessie gets upset whenever Muriel can’t make it.

Points about meals and snacks for this last week:

• Yesterday, I had lunch at the kitchen table for the first time (without you) since before the altercation last year at Christmas because my mom and dad were decorating the tree in the other room.

• I opened those shortbread cookies today that we got originally to take to Kris’s, and my mom could smell them when I had a couple today for my dessert after lunch so she had to have one too.

• Today for my afternoon snack, I had the “MILK CHOCOLATE Purdys” bar that was in the bag of goodies from Purdys that my friend, Mac, gave me for my birthday.

• And yesterday for my evening snack I had some of the “truly” brand cashews that my mom got from Zellers one of the times a few weeks ago when she was out shopping. Truly is the name of the Zellers brand

• My dad brought home a little box of chocolates two days ago (on Friday) that Hydro gave to him on that day. And this last Friday wasn’t the only time within the last few weeks when my dad brought home chocolates from work. When he got back to his work after his Christmas lunch in two Wednesdays ago on the 10th, there was a little box of chocolates on his desk that he brought home for me to have sometime. And on the day before (on Tuesday the 9th), he brought home for me a little milk chocolate that Ross, one of his bosses, got when he was in Eastern Canada and this little chocolate says “peppermint bark” on it.

Speaking about my dad’s Christmas lunch in which was in downtown Vancouver on the 10th, he took the skytrain back to work after his lunch in and a group of school kids got on at Metrotown. There was a girl in the group who looked like she was somewhere around 16 years old and her height looked to be about 6 foot 1 or 6 foot 2. After the girl got on, this guy who was so tall that he couldn’t stand up inside the skytrain (my dad thought that he had to be seven feet tall) walked over to the end of the car that they were in and started talking to her. My dad said about how it’s a real coincidence that you would see two tall people in one place.

> heres a poem for me to remember Fozzie's name
> Fozzie Wozzie was a bear
> Fozzie Wozzie had lots of a


And while we’re on the topic about muppets, you thought that we don’t see The Count at Christmas because he only comes out for Halloween. That is not true, here are two times on which I remember him at Christmas:

• The Count sings “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” I use to have his version on an LP when I was little.

• And among the many Christmas songs that were sung in the medley near the end of the same special that I mentioned above (A Muppet Family Christmas), The Count sings “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In.”


P.S. Links for today:

Christmas television special: A Muppet Family Christmas (1987)
Novel: Marley & Me (2005) *
TV series: The Muppet Show *
YouTube Video: Fozzie Bear and Victor Borge fall asleep to the “Moonlight Sonata” *

* denotes a link that I gave in the E-mail that I sent you yesterday.
• a green star (*) denotes a link that was in the message I sent you last Thursday (on the 18th).

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