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Sunday Dec.21,2008


hi Neil . wow , i now realise that there's a whole lotta muppet names i don't know .It's too bad we couldn't see Kris before Christmas. Maybe we should have done it a few weeks ago .It's always nicer to go closer to Christmas though.The weather is just to bad for me to take a chance on driving you out there .

    Our kitchen sink stopped working so we got a air dryer and used it on the pipes .It actually worked .Now we keep a slow drip going .

    I hope the weather is better for Christmas eve and day . I'm a little worried about getting my mom out here.

heres a poem for me to remember Fozzie's name

Fozzie Wozzie was a bear
Fozzie Wozzie had lots of a

thats all for now folks,,,john

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