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Thursday Dec.18,2008



My mom’s mammogram today went well. My mom and dad thought that I would sleep through the entire time while I was at home by myself seeing how lately I’ve been sleeping into the early afternoon on the days that I don’t have anything to get up for. I was awake since just before 8 this morning and I didn’t get to sleep last night until just after 2AM. I also don’t like laying awake in bed for long periods of time. I had a messy toot this morning at around 8AM not long after I woke up. I don’t usually have messy toots that early in the day, but I also had an even bigger one last night before I even went to bed.

I watched a new Muppet Christmas special with my mom last night on TV called “A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa.” And we saw during a commercial break at one point when it was on, an ad for the Christmas special “Shrek The Halls” which is going to be on this Monday (on the 22nd). I haven’t seen “Shrek the Third” yet and I’m not sure if I want to see this Christmas special before I see the third Shrek movie. You know that I won’t see “Shrek the Third” or any other movie until after I watch “the Grinch” with my mom, so I guess the best solution would be to get my dad to record the Christmas special for me and then wait and not watch it until after I see “Shrek the Third.”

My mom told me that they’re coming out with a movie that’s based on the book “Marley & Me” and she suggested that she could get a copy of the book to put in my Christmas stocking. Her and I could read it together, she said about how she and I haven’t read a book together for a long time. I’m not sure about this idea though, I hinted to her after you left last Monday (on the 8th) that when you and I went for our walk earlier that day the gloves that I wore are starting to feel a bit small on me.

And my dad said that he’ll look for stuff for me to give to my mom for Christmas that I could pay him for seeing how I didn’t get around to doing anymore shopping myself. Remember that I missed one shopping trip at the time last month when I planned to go with my mom to Willowbrook Mall and we didn’t make it because the night before that day was the night on which I was having messy toots all night. Also, my dad went to Semiahmoo Mall this morning to do a bit of his Christmas shopping before he had to take my mom to the doctor. He phoned home a few minutes ago (at around 4PM as of now) to let us know that he’s going to Willowbrook after he gets off work to do more shopping and that he’s going straight there instead of coming home for supper, he’ll grab something to eat at the mall.

My mom and dad will drop off our Christmas present for my cousin, Jenny, tomorrow after they cut down our tree. Jenny phoned us a few minutes ago too and she said that she’s finally moved into her new room (the shed in the backyard).

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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