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My mom said that was a nice pic of you and the dogs with Santa, and she said that we should show it to my dad after. And I see that all four dogs were in that pic, I thought you said that you had a picture of each one of them taken separately? Or did you have some more taken of just each dog with Santa? That must be Bubbles on Santaís lap? And is that Prince on Dianneís lap? Is Taffy the light coloured dog in front of Santa and is Addy the big dark one on the floor next to her?

I remember you asked me yesterday in person if Iíve been sleeping well and you also said about this in the E-mail that you sent me on the day before. Iíve been managing to fall asleep right when I go to bed since I started the new medication and I almost sleep through the entire night, but Iím still sleeping past 11AM and into the early afternoon on the days that I donít have anything to get up for. It wasnít so hard to get up at 11AM or even earlier until the time when the Olanzapine started to make me tired during the day. I even got up earlier than 11 on some of the mornings when I didnít have to get up until that time of day before the Olanzapine started to affect my sleep patterns.

Because you couldnít see the purple line on my previous map, hereís another one where this time on which a big green line indicates where the walkway is that we couldíve gone through if we did want to continue down to the beach:

In your E-mail that you sent me on Sunday Dec.7,2008, you wrote:

> Di , myself and my mom went out to fort langley on saturday .. we had a great time .. We had dinner at
> this restaurat in Cloverdale called Elizabeths.. really great food...

We already know about the Elisabeth's Chalet in Cloverdale. My mom and dad like that place because the foodís good and it isnít too noisy, but itís not my kind of place.

I made it out with my mom this afternoon to the Save-On-Foods store at South Point where we got for me lots of Christmas candies from the bulk section as well as a few other goodies.

And I didnít think to mention in my previous E-mail that my mom told me a couple days before I sent you that E-mail about she saw Christmas trees are already up inside a couple of the houses that are in the cul-de-sac by us including the one rancher on the corner across the street from where we get our mail at which the street that goes into that same cul-de-sac intersects with our street. Remember that rancher on the corner is the same one I mentioned in the E-mail I sent you on Saturday June 28,2008 that if my dad owned it heíd build a fence around that big grass area at the side of the house seeing how that house doesnít have much of a backyard behind (on the East side of) it.

My mom said that she was so mad because yesterday was the first day that the Christmas train we wanted for our Lemax Christmas village went on sale at Sears, but she went to the Willowbrook Sears yesterday afternoon and they were all out so my dad phoned us and said that he got one today from the Sears near where his work is. That would be the one in Metrotown.

I hope to hear from you before Friday.


P.S. Here is a pic of some of those small pumpkin-shaped Halloween candies that my mom got me a few months ago from the bulk section at Save-On-Foods, now you will know what these look like:

I havenít yet got around to sending you that pic of the heron that my dad took a few months ago, you said that you were waiting to see it:

And hereís a picture of a squirrel at our birdfeeder that my dad took at around the same time when he took the above picture of the heron:

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