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Saturday Nov.29,2008



I didnít get up until 2:30PM today. Speaking about my sleep, Iíll let you know now that I donít like the idea about getting up and doing something else for ten minutes if I canít fall asleep after laying in bed for 20 minutes. Like what was said at the meeting, I donít like to be up when my mom and dad are in bed. I thought the idea about trying a different medication sounded better right from the time when at the meeting it was suggested as an alternative to the 20 minute thing. And after all this talk about not sleeping, my mom didnít get to sleep until 5AM on the night before last night.

Now even though Carol hasnít worked with me for over a year as of this time, Iím never gunna let her go. Sheís all that I have for family and you know that weíve had hardly any of our own relatives inside our house since before Carolís and my friendship ended in August of 2007. Some of my relatives I havenít even seen myself since before Carolís and my friendship ended. Because I no longer see the only person who I consider a family member, it kind of makes me feel like maybe my dad should have a fight with some of his relatives and then he wonít get to see those ones anymore. I want Carol to be a big part of my life. I donít want to spend any amount of time with a different worker that is longer than the two and a half years that Carol worked with me, I want Carol to be the worker who I see the most of in my life. And it isnít just a relative of the realtor who Carol knows, Carol knows the realtorís autistic son. And itís not just any house that this same realtor has up for sale, itís just that I donít think itís right he has a house for sale in my neighbourhood while Carol is not seeing me.

After I said two days ago (on Thursday) at my place that Chloe doesnít usually come out until the second immediately after youíre gone, I remember you said that you wonder why because ďshe doesnít want anything to do with that John guy.Ē I told you before that this wasnít the case with Carol, Chloe would come out when Carol was here. And my mom said that she felt rejected at the time when Chloe curled up and laid down in Carolís lap because she never did the same thing in my momís lap, Carolís was the only lap that Chloe has ever curled up and laid in.

I remember when we talked about cars at the meeting, Dr. McKibbin said that he thought I probably prefer sedans to hatchbacks. It is true that sedans are my preference even though Carolís car was a hatchback, the 2007 Yaris. I do miss riding in that car and I told you before in one of my previous E-mails that I donít want the next time I ride in it to be the last time. And I hope that Carol would never want to buy either a Volkswagen or a convertible speaking about Carol and vehicles, at least I know she wonít be buying a convertible seeing how she told me about when she drove one once for a friend and she didnít want the top down because everyone could see her. My mom thinks that Carol wouldíve wanted to see the situation with Lorne to work out , but I disagree seeing how I told Carol in person that I want to make it through my life without riding in a Volkswagen or a convertible and also because Carol never said anything to me like what my mom said about me having a lot of different workers throughout my life and that some of them might have cars I donít like.

I also remember that Dr. McKibbin asked me if I felt pushed to get my cousin, Jennyís, slideshow done or if I enjoyed myself while working on it. I guess I could say to be honest that I did feel a little pushed seeing how we were kind of in a hurry to get it done for her in time for she and her boyfriend, Dannyís, second anniversary. And at the meeting, you heard my dad ask me if I stopped working on my grandparentsí home movies because of what happened last Christmas. You know that I havenít got back to work on them lately because of my sleep patterns, because I didnít have more than a couple hours of energy per day for the last month or two, etc. Also because of those same reasons was why I didnít continue work on Jennyís slideshow sooner and why I therefore ended up feeling rushed in the end to get it done. And you know that even after what happened last Christmas I did work on a few things a few months later but then I stopped when the Olanzapine was starting to affect me. Remember that I went out with my mom and dad last summer to start looking for a new kitchen table and chair set and then once we got one I had thought about eating my meals in the kitchen with my mom and dad again as well as also go back to watching the news, but due to the same reasons that I detailed above was why we stopped going out shopping for the table and chairs and I just didnít feel like going out at that time.

And two days ago at the meeting, you asked me how many dog and cat images I would like to have before I get a binder. I also remember you said to Lorne when we were talking about this on the day he was with us (on Monday Nov.10,2008) that I havenít gotten a binder yet. I said in the E-mail I sent you on Saturday June 28,2008 that Iím looking for a certain kind of binder that weíve been having a hard time trying to find because it seems to have gone out of style. Speaking about scanned images, my mom found another cat image for us to scan on Monday if Larry doesnít come.

Now the last time when we were cropping images, remember this error message kept popping up:

It also keeps popping up all of this last week whenever Iím on the computer and this didnít start happening until sometime around a week ago. Since then, this message could pop up at anytime. I donít know of an application called ďGeneric Host Process for Win32 ServicesĒ and none of my programs close when I click ďDonít Send.Ē Nothing happens at all when I click ďDonít Send.Ē And remember I said in the E-mail I sent you on Tuesday July 1,2008 that when on the same computer (weíre talking about my desktop computer downstairs) whenever I click on my desktop icon to launch Netscape either after computer has been restarted or after computer has been left idle for a certain amount of time while turned on, Netscape takes a long time to start the first time I click on the desktop icon and then once it finally does launch I get this error message and Netscape has to close:

The next time I start Netscape after it closes, the same error message pops up again and then keeps doing the same thing the next bunch of times I restart Netscape. Though after restarting Netscape and getting the same message a bunch of times over and over, it eventually does start normally (quicker) without popping up the message. I also said in the July 1st Email that I already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Netscape twice, I also rebooted my computer after uninstalling and again after reinstalling but the same thing still happens.

And Iím not sure if I like the idea about walking around the malls on rainy days. Also, I donít have any interest in looking up and trying to find an indoor track for us, Iíd rather just go for walks on the nice days.

My dad leaves tomorrow for Golden, and now heíll be coming back on Monday instead of Tuesday because there is only a couple hours of work to be done up there.


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