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Saturday Nov.8,2008



Even though I didn’t get up today until a quarter after 2PM I’m surprised that I managed to get up when I had to on the day of my dentist appointment at 7:30AM, for the last month or two 11AM seems like the middle of the night for me. We got home at ten after 12noon on that day, I didn’t think that we would be home that early. After the dentist and before we went to Wal-Mart, we stopped at the Safeway that is just behind my dentist’s office so that I could use their washroom. Remember I told you in a previous E-mail that I don’t like the washroom at my dentist’s office because you have to go behind the counter and then passed the chairs to get to it. We parked in the underground parking this time when we were at Wal-Mart because it was really raining. We got chocolate cupcakes that have chocolate icing, and we learned that Wal-Mart is expensive for just a half dozen cupcakes. I got my usual from McDonald's; ten piece McNuggets with honey sauce, medium fries, and a medium Sprite. And from Tim Hortons I got one double chocolate (chocolate donut with chocolate icing) and one Vanilla Dip with colour sprinkles. I had the double chocolate one later that same day (on Thursday) for my afternoon snack and I had the sprinkled one yesterday for my dessert after supper.

Driving home down 152nd Street after we left the dentist two days ago (on Thursday), we noticed that they’re building some more stores at #10 highway including a White Spot. We also saw that they’re putting in a new SUBWAY over by where Wal-Mart is on 24th Avenue. And just after we left the Safeway in Fleetwood, we turned onto 152nd Street from 88th Avenue and saw this bus parked on the side of the road that I haven’t seen around here before. I thought it looked like a transit bus, but the destination sign said “NOT IN SERVICE” and then we noticed that it said “YVR” on the side of the bus.

My dad had an escort while coming home from work two days ago (on Thursday). When he was driving home along 16th Avenue after coming from Ocean Park, he saw flashing lights coming towards him from the opposite direction and then he saw a fire truck turn onto 142nd Street. He followed it in and then it turned up our street. When he got to our driveway, the fire truck parked around the corner. My mom said that it was probably responding to a medical thing. And speaking about my dad, he might have to go up to Golden sometime soon to check on a job up there.

My mom was watching an episode of “House Hunters International” last night, the one where people are looking to buy houses in countries other than Canada or the U.S.. On last night’s episode, some people were looking at a house that had an electric wall heater on the bathroom wall. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself on the wall in my bathroom at the next place I live at so that I won’t any longer have to worry about being cold after I finish my shower and while I’m drying off.

If we watch the five o’clock news on Monday, we could leave at a quarter to six to pick up our Chinese food. This will be only the third time that I watched the news since before the altercation last Christmas, I haven’t watched the news with you since last April which is now more than six months ago. And remember that you'll be giving them our order when we’re at Safeway because you know how busy that Chinese area gets and you also know that I’ll have my usual large rice and a large “chow mein.”

And we found a fourth surprise that you did last Monday, my mom was wondering what happened to the birthday card that I got from Mac and she found it yesterday morning behind the clock on the mantel. She said that she could see it through the glass.

I hope you will write me.


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