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Wednesday Oct.22,2008



My sleep patterns have been all messed up. I didn’t get to sleep until 3:30 last night and it was around 3AM the two nights before, and I didn’t get up until 2:30 today and yesterday.

My mom has an appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow afternoon and she doesn’t know if she’ll make it because she hasn’t been feeling well for the last few days.

Last night for my evening snack, I had the Purdys Mint Meltie that Mac gave me for my birthday which was a dark chocolate Mint Meltie and I had a couple of After Eight mints with it. For my afternoon snack tomorrow when you’re here, I plan to have the AERO bar that I got at 711 on the day last week when I went out with my mom. And I will be having WESTERN FAMILY brand BUMBLEBERRY juice to drink with that.

That Ray phoned my mom yesterday afternoon and he’s gunna come here on Friday at noon. Mom thought he said there might be someone coming with him to help fill out the forms but she wasn’t sure.

Dave at my dad’s work said yesterday that a couple were going to come have a look last night at his piano. They are looking for something for their kids to practice on.

My dad went out to the valley yesterday morning and saw my grandparents. My grandma told my dad when he was there that she had a phone call from my auntie Ann who called her from the Calgary airport. She said that a pipe burst at their home in Ontario so my uncle Les had to stay around and make sure that it got fixed, she hoped that he’d make it out here today. Ann phoned my dad herself yesterday evening because she was wondering if there would be a good time for her and Les to get together with my mom and dad sometime while they’re out. I don’t think they’ll get to see my mom while they’re out because of other things going on and now mom isn’t feeling well.

My dad signed up for an account with Gmail last weekend. He signed up for the account so that he could send some files that were too big for his Telus E-mail account to my cousin, Michael, who lives in Edmonton. One of the files was 25 MB while Gmail could only take files that are up to 20 MB, so my dad E-mailed Michael to let him know and then Michael E-mailed my dad back and said that he’s signed up for some place called “File Cube.” My dad then created an account with this “File Cube” and then he uploaded the big file there for Michael to download. BTW, these big files that my dad has sent to my cousin Michael are a few short clips from my grandparents’ home movies of Michael’s dad (my uncle Gordon) that Michael will be putting together for Gordon’s 60th birthday.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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