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Saturday Oct.4,2008



My dad made it home last night from Kamloops and this time he brought back with him an infrared temperature meter that he got when he was up there. He used it on his trip to read the temperature of power cables and itís got a red laser pointer which he points at what he wants to read the temperature of, but you wonít get to see this one because my dadís taking it to work with him on Monday and heíll keep it at work.

My mom saw a horrible story at the top of todayís Noon News, the one about the body that got dragged underneath a transit bus all the way through the tunnel. A car was driving in dark and rainy conditions sometime last night near that area when all of a sudden the driver of the car thought he hit something, so he pulled over when he got a little ways ahead and then he walked back to find a jacket and a shoe. They mustíve come from the same body which the bus drove over once the car hit it. They said that the bus driver was really shook up and my mom thinks heíll probably be off work for a while.

My dad phoned our neighbour, Reg, this morning. Heís the one who I previously told you is the Captain for our Block Watch team. Anyway, he said that his wife, Lydia who has osteoporosis, had a fall one day while he was out and she couldnít get up until he got home to help her. My dad went over and saw them after he got off the phone with Reg, and when he was over there Reg told him that heís seen Izzy killing birds in his yard. One day he saw her take a bird right out of their birdbath and then he saw her actually kill it. And could you believe that Izzy was outside today for a good amount of time in the weather that weíve been having?

My grandpa was here this morning and when he was sitting with my dad at the kitchen table they both put their hand down to Chloe, but my dad felt rejected because Chloe went to my grandpa. And itís not too often that Chloe will go to anybody else besides my mom, my dad, or myself. She usually hides when companyís here.

And Iíve still been sleeping in til 1 or 2PM on the days when I donít have anything to get up for, I slept in that late today too but I think this should hopefully be the right dosage for me. I havenít been feeling tired since the decrease at the beginning of last week, just lazy. Iíve been feeling like I have energy but just donít have any motivation to want to do anything.

I hope you write me.


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