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Tuesday Sept.23,2008

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My mom had a coupon for the casino where if you give the casino $10 they will give you back $20. She then played on that and then she cashed out with $40.

My mom also noticed when she and my dad were out yesterday afternoon that there are just too many people who talk on their cell phones while driving. She then said to me that she should run for the government so that she could ban cell phones when people are driving.

My dad talked to that Catherine today on the phone and she said that your contract with me has been extended until the end of February.

Points about stuff that’s been on the news:

• My mom told me about a horrible story that was on today’s Adopt-A-Pet. They said that the Pitbull cross that they had on today had gasoline poured on it and then he was set on fire. He had a big cone around his neck when he was on today’s Adopt-A-Pet.

• Did you hear about the school shooting over in Finland. Ten people were shot and killed before the gunman shot himself.

• Florida’s the state that’s been affected the most by the mortgage crisis in the US and there are entire blocks of houses that have been abandoned.

• There was a double shooting in Mission, two people were killed and they didn’t know many details.

Here is the excerpt in which I first talked about the “KW Gardens” Chinese restaurant:

Saturday Aug.23,2008:
> My mom also read in yesterday’s Peace Arch that the “K W” Chinese restaurant on King George Highway
> caught fire last Wednesday (on the 20th of this month). And my mom remembered that Carol always use
> to talk about this restaurant...

BTW, I asked my mom if I’d like the Portuguese buns at the Safeway deli and she said that we haven’t tried them.

And you can get our two newest scanned images as well as this week’s featured house plan at
I already know that the house plan in the above file wouldn’t suit me seeing how first my bedroom would be next to the garage again and also because there’d be no way to get to the MASTER SUITE if I join my bedroom onto the second bathroom. I’d hope for my bedroom at the next place I live to have its own bathroom so that when I get up to go in the middle of the night I won’t have to worry about my cat, Chloe, sneaking out while I have my bedroom door open to go out into the hallway.

See you on Thursday at 1PM.


P.S. Now, here’s a pic of Clifford, the muppet who I told you was the host of the “Muppets Tonight” TV series:

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