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Thoughts on a rainy Saturday

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Saturday Sept.20,2008


hey John,

Sunday May 4,2008:
> ...Seriously now, I know that we don’t really have room for a third vehicle because our garage is only big enough
> to park two. The reason why I asked my parents what they thought about having three vehicles was because if
> we do get a new car I thought we could also keep our 2001 Honda so that my mom could still go out on the
> days when I would want to go out with my dad. I suggested to my parents that maybe there’d be room to park
> a second vehicle out back in my dad’s workshop if we shoved the Hillman over to one side...

And now we wouldn’t have to...Now that he might sell the Hillman that is.

New picture for us to scan on Monday, on the front of the Peace Arch local newspaper. Did you hear about the boy on Quadra Island who has brain cancer and who was given a puppy that was only three or four months old? Some guy who had previously had problems with this boy’s family and who doesn’t get along with the family shot and killed the puppy when he was coming back from hunting, and could you believe that the guy claims it was an accident? Anyway, the lady who gave the first puppy to that boy breeds Jack Russels and she’s going to give him another puppy. The picture on the front of the Peace Arch is of the lady holding a Jack Russel.

One of my two new female black mollies died today and now I just have one male and one female left, but they had a bunch of babies. My dad put the new baby mollies in my tank upstairs in my bedroom after moving my baby platys out of there and into the ten gallon fish tank that’s on top of the five gallon downstairs. I only had one adult platy left in my other ten gallon so my dad moved that one over to the ten gallon where its babies are now.

When I told my mom that you asked me if I have any requests for my birthday coming up, she suggested that maybe you could bring over one of your guitars and play me either an Elton John song or a song by someone else who I like. She also said that she’s sure my friend, Mac, would also like that idea.

And I also remember you said that you and I will have to do something when we’ve known each other for a year. All I can think about is... cake.

See you on Monday at 1PM.


P.S. I haven’t yet gave you this last week’s featured house plan on Now this plan looks like another one I wouldn’t mind customizing in my spare time, but it’s a rancher and I’m not sure whether I feel safe about the idea of my bedroom window being accessible from the ground level.

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