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Tuesday Sept.9,2008



I got out with my mom this afternoon to have a look around the Critters store now that they’re in their new location. We then went next door to the Hillcrest bakery and got a chocolate cupcake with colour sprinkles for me to have for my dessert tonight after supper as well as a gingerbread man for me to have for my dessert after lunch on Thursday. And incase you don’t remember which store is the Critters one, here is where I first told you about it in the message I sent you on Friday August 1st 2008:

> Speaking about fish shopping, you heard my dad say that “Critters Pet Supplies Ltd” moved across the
> street (Johnston Road) from where they had been previously. They’re currently the only store in “South
> Surrey/White Rock” that sells aquarium fish...

As for my snack on Friday afternoon after the meeting, I’m thinking about either going with my parents to the Dairy Queen at 138th Street and 72nd Avenue and having a banana split or picking up a couple donuts from the Tim Hortons location across King George from Costco. I plan to try watching a new show with my mom that premieres tonight at 9PM and is called “Privileged.”

Here are the two videos that we saw yesterday afternoon:

Lily Allen vs Elton John - Stars fall out on stage
Lily Allen vs Elton John # Lily absolutely drunk presenting GQ men of awards london

I remember when you were looking through that one recipe book, you asked me if I’m mentioned anywhere in it. I asked my mom and she said no because all of the recipes in it were put together the year before I was there. And I was only at that school (K B Woodward Elementary School) one year, for a special class after kindergarten and before grade one called a “transition class.”

Izzy was really interested in one of the books that my mom brought home from the library yesterday afternoon, either there was a cat at the house which that book was at previously or something that had a fishy smell was spilled on the book.

Three of my new angelfish died over the last weekend, we don’t know what killed them. I hope that my mom and dad will go back to the "Fraser Aquarium" store on Fraser Street in Vancouver while you’re with me on Thursday afternoon and get me three replacements. Immediately after the first three died, my dad switched the one of my four new angelfish that I had left with my old big angel in the 32 gallon because angelfish grow faster in bigger tanks.

You can get the following from the ZIP file at
• the two scanned images that we cropped yesterday.
• yet another map, when we were walking on 20th Avenue on our walk last Thursday you weren’t sure whether or not we were walking along the outside of Sunnyside Acres Park. Sunnyside Acres is over on 24th Avenue, the red line indicates where we walked last Thursday. And we walked in the clockwise direction where the red line is shown.
• and this week’s featured house plan from This plan might work for me, I think it’s the biggest so far that has been featured on that site. I could customize it to my liking for you to see one day when I have more time.

See you on Thursday at 1PM.


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