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Wednesday Aug.13,2008



Is it okay with you if we don’t go for a walk tomorrow? I got out with my mom for a walk both this afternoon and yesterday afternoon, my mom also said that she saw the weather and tomorrow’s suppose to be even warmer than today. This afternoon mom and I walked over to the Macs store and she bought me an AERO DRUMSTICK to bring home for my afternoon snack. It broke when my mom was in the middle of unwrapping it for me so I suggested to her that I could stay at home by myself for a few minutes while she drives back over there and gets me another one but she thought that maybe we shouldn’t buy these chocolate coated drumsticks again and instead buy ones that are in cones seeing how my mom doesn’t know how they expect us to get the wrappers off the chocolate coated ones, I guess that the wrappers on the cone ones aren’t suppose to be as sticky. And this is just like back at Valentines Day earlier this year when I thought about learning to do my own shopping but now I have no desire to learn how to shop for myself. Anyway unless there's anything you want to chat about first, we could start scanning photos for Jenny’s slideshow before snack time tomorrow.

My mom also saw the breaking news story on today’s Noon News about the fire on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford. That’s where my cousin, Shelley, lives with her husband, Bill, but the at least so far the fire is a kilometer away from any houses.

My mom also told me that Canada hasn’t won any medals so far this year at the olympics in Beijing, China.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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