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Alice Cooper video

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Friday July 25,2008

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hey John,

I just launched my YouTube Channel, and I already uploaded my first video; Heavy rainstorm in Surrey, British Columbia. I look forward to seeing your video on YouTube that you took almost two weekends ago of the fire down by the Semiahmoo First Nation Reserve. Keep watching my “Favorites” to fill up with lots of videos, also keep checking my profile until it’s fully customized to my liking; change colour scheme etc. And I added you to my “Friends” list (you’re my first friend on YouTube) and I also subscribed to your channel (your channel can now be seen underneath the “Subscriptions” in my profile).

And now that I have a YouTube account and if eventually I buy a TV tuner card, I could watch for Sesame Street episodes to be on that have those Count segments that have been removed from YouTube “due to terms of use violation” and I could then host those segments on my channel.

Alice Cooper video

1)Alice Cooper and the monsters, with a musical introduction at the beginning. Is the costume that Alice is wearing at the beginning suppose to be a school uniform? Also notice:

1) Alice start to bodysurf on top of the monsters at around 1:46.

2) an explosion every time we hear the line “school's been blown to pieces,” and then the entire set blows up at the end of the video.

And I remember you asked me after we watched the video what I thought about it...I’m not an Alice Cooper fan myself, but my friend Mac likes him and my dad use to listen to him a long time ago. Now the reason why I thought up the idea for you and I to see this video, in which Alice performs “School's Out” with the Muppets, was because you and I were talking about him while we were on one of our most recent walks.

Surprises that we found so far:

• My mom found the two fuzz balls on top of the fridge door yesterday only a half hour after you left.

• An hour later she went to get a paper towel off the role and the red spring fell onto the floor.

• When my dad got up this morning, he went to open the blind in the kitchen when a yellow spring slid down the wand.

• And an hour later, my mom found a red spring on the utensils rack in the kitchen right next to the same window.

• When my mom lifted up the pot lid just after lunch today to put my pills underneath, she found the orange fuzz cat toy.

• And she found the glow in the dark ping pong ball in the top of the little vase beside our front door.

• My mom also found the fuzz ball on the model ship.

Have we now found all of your surprises excluding the one that's been hidden for a while? And what do you think about this for blue Kermit:


Now why don’t you take a picture of your “silly hat” ,” find a photo of a crocodile, and then put the “silly hat” on the crocodile. I put together enough of these funny images myself to send to you, and I think you should’ve learned enough stuff by now after all of those times when you watched me crop why don’t you see if you could remember what you learned from watching me and try to make a funny image to send to me!

My dad got back from the vet about an hour ago (at 3PM this afternoon), he took Chloe for her annual checkup earlier this afternoon. She has a tooth infection and has to go back to the vet next Saturday (on August the 2nd) to be put under and have her teeth cleaned. When my dad took Chloe for her last checkup almost a year ago, the vet gave him a toothbrush and told him that he’s suppose to be brushing the cats’ teeth though our cats wouldn’t cooperate when we try to do it. And the vet also gave Chloe today pills that she’s suppose to take every twelve hours until her appointment next Saturday. She’ll probably fight when we try to give them to her.

And the small appointment card that my dad brought home today for Chloe to go back to the vet next Saturday has a small picture of a cat and a dog on it. It’s a very small picture and I have a hard time seeing it because it’s so small, but we could try and scan it when you come on Monday and see if it does look any better once it’s on the computer screen.

If I hear from you before Monday, I will then send you a longer message.


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