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Wednesday July 23,2008



I only got about three hours of sleep last night and then I was awake since 6AM. I'm disappointed that the new medication isn’t working like I had hoped it would, and don’t forget that I don’t like laying awake in bed for long periods of time. What might be partly to blame is that one of the houses just down the street from us is getting a new roof and I heard a lot of hammering during half of the amount of time which I laid awake in bed.

A little flyer came in yesterday’s edition of the “Surrey Now,” and inside that flyer is a section called "The Business of Furry Faces" underneath which are some dog pictures that my mom will cut out for us to scan tomorrow after we watch Alice Cooper and The Muppets. For our snack, I’m thinking we could walk over to the Macs store and I’ll buy two chocolate bars; this time I will buy a “Junior Mints” and a “Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.” It’s a good thing that I created a backup directory underneath the directory on my hard drive in which I save my scanned images, so this way if I save a second copy of each of my images to this new subdirectory once they’ve been scanned and I won’t have to rescan the image if I accidentally cut off part of it while cropping.

They say that Highway 1 was closed yesterday for two and a half hours after that crane tipped over. The Port Mann Bridge was probably also closed during that time seeing how most people probably couldn't get to it if the accident took place near the 152nd Street exit. And my dad was a bit late coming home from work yesterday, at first we thought that it might’ve been due to the Highway 1 closure until he told us once he made it home that there was a five car accident on the Alex Fraser bridge. He ended up going home through the tunnel.

And my mom read in today’s edition of the Peace Arch local newspaper that the Ozarks meat store in Peninsula Village we’ll soon be closing. The owners plan to then open up a barbecue restaurant out in Langley.

A couple cat stories for you now:

• Monday July 21,2008 - evening: My dad called me to come look at Izzy whom he saw on the trellis, the same one that she climbed on top of to get up onto the roof of the workshop, but she was gone once I got there.

• As I was coming down the stairs yesterday evening, I thought I could see a shadow through the blinds that cover one of our little windows that are on each side of the front door. I figured it was probably a cat, so I poked my finger through the blind as soon as I got downstairs to see a black cat jump down off the outside ledge next to our front door and then run away. I couldn’t tell which cat it was because like I said “she ran off too quickly,” she probably jumped down as soon as she heard me poke my finger through the blinds.

My mom went out to the little Safeway in Ocean Park last night to pick up a few things. They were out of “Chunks Ahoy!” cookies so she got me a package of “Chunks Ahoy! Triple Chocolate” now that I finally finished the Danish cookies and the Lofthouse strawberry moist sugar cookies, and she also got me a package of something new called “Chewy Chunks Ahoy!”
I tried two of the “Chewy Chunks Ahoy” today for my dessert after lunch. And other than those things she also got when she was at Safeway yesterday evening:

-Hershey's mint chocolate chips so that she can make her own chocolate chip cookies in a few weeks.
-Chocolate Vanilla pudding, my mom said that it’s suppose to be just like the Oreo pudding but not the Oreo brand even though it’s still a mix of both vanilla and chocolate.

And when mom and I were in the kitchen last night getting my evening snack, I discovered the red cat spring on top of the wooden clip on our fridge.

See you tomorrow.


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