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Wednesday July 2,2008



My mom shared her thoughts with me about the Carol stuff that was in yesterday’s message after she read it before I sent the message to you. She thought that seeing how it’s been almost a year since the last time when her and me saw each other, I wouldn’t need to discuss anything heavy if I do run into her when I’m out in public with you. She (my mom) suggested that I could just say “hi, this is my new worker, John” and then say “bye” and move on. I obviously don’t know what to think of that idea seeing how I said to you in person when I last saw you two days ago that I already told her in the letter I sent her last Christmas that I’m now working with you and seeing how I said in the message I sent you yesterday that I wouldn’t want to just; say “hi” to her, ask her how she’s doing, and then her and I not have anything to do with each other again. And also I already said in the message that I sent you last Saturday (on June 28th 2008) that I don’t want to run into her when I’m with you and would rather run into you when I’m out and about with her.

When I told my mom that “I myself had never wanted to go a year without seeing Carol,” after she (my mom) read my E-mail, all she said was ”stuff happens.” Sounds to me like she doesn’t feel sorry about what happened though she did say to me a few times before that she misses Carol too, she just hasn’t shown me any proof that she misses Carol. And I don’t think my mom supports the idea about healing Carol’s and my relationship.

In the news today:

• My mom told me she saw on today’s Noon News that police got a lot of complaints after the Second Narrows Bridge was closed yesterday for more than five hours, during which the Lions' Gate Bridge was also closed for a couple hours due to a car accident so lots of people were stuck.

• The forest fire up in Lytton keeps getting larger. Someone’s motor home caught fire and burnt up and that started the fire. Later on there was a train derailment.

• Lethbridge Alberta got a really heavy rainfall for a couples hours yesterday. Streets were flooded and people were stranded in their cars, all you could see of their cars were the roofs sticking out of the water.

• My mom read in today’s local paper that McDonald's now has a cherry Sundae and a cherry milkshake.

• During the business segment on today’s Noon News, they said that approximately 300 Starbucks locations, mostly in the Southern U.S. will be closing because they aren’t getting enough business seeing how the economy down there isn’t doing that well.

• They had a story on the medical segment of today’s Noon News about a boy who’s heart is only covered by skin and is on top of the bones whereas normally the heart should be covered by both the skin and the bones. My mom couldn’t stand to look at it, she said that it looked scary. And they did talk about surgery, but my mom doesn’t know exactly what they’re gunna do or when they’re gunna do it.

My mom got in at 3PM tomorrow afternoon to see our family doctor in Whalley, Dr. J. McClelland, because she needs a new prescription for her medication. My mom told me that last time when she saw the weather they were predicting a 40% chance of showers tomorrow as well as thunder for some areas. I hope that we don’t get the rain because there’s another new walk I want to take you on now that the kids are out of school for the summer,

We looked out our upstairs window last night as soon as we heard the fireworks that were coming from down at White Rock Beach, but once again we couldn’t see them. We were never able to see the July 1st fireworks any of the years About our next visit tomorrowwhile living at the house we’re in now, we always heard them but we could never see them.


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