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Monday June 2,2008



My dad took a sick day off work today. There’s also been a lot going on around home today, first I think that my Canon printer downstairs is going. Most of the times when I turned my printer on lately, it flashes a yellow light instead of a green light (it won’t print anything when the light is yellow just so you know). The first time it did this a couple weeks ago, all it needed was for the computer to be rebooted and then it worked again but just yesterday when it did the same thing again my dad rinsed the ink head under some hot water in the laundry tub hoping that unsticking any ink that been gumming up inside the head would fix this for good. It printed just after this without any problems but an hour later the same thing happened yet again and we couldn’t get it to work again since. Might be time for a new printer downstairs unless I can get a replacement head for my Canon i550 though incase the head is not the problem I don’t want to get a new head and then my printer does the same thing again. I can use my dad’s Lexmark Z810 upstairs until I get a new printer. Now the other thing that’s been going on here today, I might have to look for a new provider to host my Stunts Illusion website because the provider that I’m on now seems to be dying. You already know that my site’s been down for the last few days so you therefore couldn’t download anymore scanned images.

After mom and I left South Surrey yesterday morning and were on our way up to Krispy Kremes, I saw that they’re widening King George where you go through the flats. You probably noticed this by now seeing as how I know that you go that way every time when you come to my place, it’s just been a while since the last time when I went that way. I wonder if they’re getting ready to four-lane King George all the way to South Surrey from Highway 10. When we were getting close to Krispy Kremes, my mom suggested that first we go into that little store in Scottsdale Mall where my dad sometimes goes and buys scratches when he’s in the area and see if they have a one liter bottle of 7UP. We saw that the store wasn’t open yet once we got inside the mall so we went into Save-On. The store I’m talking about that we found wasn’t open is just where you go inside the mall and is across from Save-On, I also don’t know off the top of my head what that store is called. We couldn’t find any one liter bottles of pop in Save-On so we ended up getting two 591ml bottles to make just over one liter, I didn’t think until later that we could’ve instead got 7UP and one other flavour if we couldn’t get a one liter bottle of 7UP and had to get two smaller bottles instead. We also found in Save-On some “Mint Crisp M&Ms” and we picked up a bag of for me to try and I plan to have some of those for my evening snack tonight, and we saw packages of little round bitesize donuts (ones that have holes in their centers) in Save-On but I obviously didn’t want to get any of those this time seeing as how I’d be having Krispy Kremes later in the day. When we were in Krispy Kremes after we left Save-On picking out half a dozen donuts to put in a box and take to Kris’s, you remember I told you that my mom let me pick out two extra donuts to leave at home for myself. Of those two I got a blueberry cake one which I plan to try tonight for my dessert after supper and a chocolate iced white long john. The maple donut that you had yesterday also was a long john, but that one had filling inside it while I’m pretty sure that the chocolate iced long john I got doesn’t have any filling inside it. I’ll let you know that every so often I have a Tim Hortons “Maple Dip” which is one of the round donuts with a hole in its center and doesn’t have filling. The only maple donut that I had ever saw at Krispy Kremes was the one that you had yesterday which isn’t just maple dip (or ”maple iced”) but again also has maple filling inside. Remember in the message that I sent you last Friday (on May the 30th) I said that I thought Krispy Kremes double chocolate donuts only have chocolate on the outside and are chocolate iced but have white cake inside. You obviously saw that the chocolate donut I had yesterday afternoon had chocolate cake inside just like I also said that Tim Hortons double chocolate donuts have chocolate cake inside, it might’ve been a “Chocolate Fling” I had before from Krispy Kremes that had white cake inside. The reason why I thought that was a Krispy Kremes double chocolate that had white cake on the inside, maybe there was a mix-up at Krispy Kremes the time when I got one whereas the Chocolate Flings were inside the counter where it was labeled “double chocolate.” And we also saw yesterday in Krispy Kremes, little round donut holes just like the Tim Hortons Timbits. This was the first time I saw anything like this at Krispy Kremes and now I have something else new to try in the future.

After we left Krispy Kremes and before we drove home for lunch yesterday, we stopped in at the Strawberry Hills SportChek but they didn’t have any of “the pair that I wanted to try” in black. And when I just said “the pair that I wanted to try,” I was referring to the less expensive pair that my mom saw in the Langley store that has just a tiny bit of a bumpy design on the top of their soles. I might go back to the SportChek in Willowbrook with my mom on Wednesday and see if their store still has this pair in black, my mom suggested that we could also see what the SportMart store just outside Willowbrook mall has for sandals. We’ll also look for a housewarming card for my parents to take to Kris when they go to the open house on Sunday (on the 8th) and we’ll get him a $25 gift card for the Bay. Either we’ll go for lunch at A&W that day or if we wait and go out after lunch I could try one of those new strawberry blizzards at Dairy Queen that I told you my mom saw a sign for last month. If I don’t get to try a strawberry blizzard that afternoon and we end up going out for lunch instead, you and I could go to DQ for our afternoon snack the next day.

And we now know that the McFlurries are out at McDonald's after my mom read in the paper yesterday that they now have two new flavours; KitKat and Rolo. You know that KitKat would probably be my preference of those two though I haven’t even had my favorite smartie McFlurry yet this year. And my mom was watching TV yesterday evening when she saw a commercial that advertised two new Frosty flavours at Wendy's; Oreo and M&M. I myself know that of those two M&M would obviously be the closer one to my smartie flavour (Wendy's Frosties don’t come in smartie BTW) and I’ll also let you know that I haven’t had a regular Chocolate Frosty for a long time.

Next time we go to Kris’s place we should;
1) get two sprinkle donuts
2) remember to bring paper plates and/or saw that he had plates but remember before we left for his place my mom told you about his so called “dishwashing skills,” same reason why it’s a good idea for you and I to bring our own cups when we go there.
That was a good visit we had with Kris, I did have a good time myself. I still have a lot more to write about after seeing Kris’s new place for the first time so I might send you a longer message sometime within the next few days detailing you on what I think about it, I hope to hear from you first.

I had one of the All Bran Bars that my mom got me for my evening snack two days ago (on Saturday). She got a box of regular and a box of honey, it was one of the honey ones that I had. My mom went out to Save-On this afternoon and did her grocery shopping while my dad again was off work sick. When she was there, she got a box of “Fibre Source APPLE COBBLER” bars for me to try.

And at another point within the last few days, my dad took one of my female platies who he thought looked big and put her in the breeding cage on the tank upstairs in my bedroom. Until my dad put the breeding cage on that tank just within the last few days, the only other fish that were living in that tank since my one angelfish died are just a few kuhli loaches.

Our next visit will be this Thursday at 1PM, I hope to write more to you first.


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