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Sunday May 18,2008



I havenít been sleeping good this weekend and it hasnít been a good weekend for my stomach. I could probably still do our regular visit tomorrow afternoon from 1PM to 4:30, but would it be okay with you if we postpone our Chinese supper? I feel wore out after not sleeping good and after all of my stomach problems and think that the Chinese dinner would be too much for tomorrow. My parents had arranged to meet my grandparents as well as my aunts and uncles on my dadís side of the family in Langley, they had planned to spend the afternoon at the Cascades Casino and then go out for supper. Instead of canceling on all the relatives, my mom suggested that she and my dad could take separate vehicles so that she could come home for supper while my dad stays out with his relatives and has supper with them. Itís not too often that the relatives on my dadís side of the family get to see my mom since Carol stopped working with me last August, some of those relatives havenít even saw my mom at all since before Carol stopped working with me. The only problem with tomorrow now is that my mom made the confetti Angel food cake earlier today and thatís not gunna keep all week, I donít know when else you and I could have a Chinese supper this week with there being a meeting in Port Coquitlam coming up on Wednesday and so far my momís not coming up with any alternatives so Iím wondering if you might have some ideas for other alternatives. If it doesnít rain when youíre here tomorrow afternoon for our regular visit, the kids will be out of school seeing as how tomorrowís a holiday so if we make it out for a walk I thought that maybe I could take you in the park behind Bayridge elementary school for the first time. Youíve never been n that park before, we could cut through there to 18th Avenue and then take 18th down to 144th Street.

Especially Friday just two days ago wasnít a good day for my stomach. I kept having to poop lots all day and I had a messy toot just before supper which is a time of day when I donít normally have a messy toot most days. And then I had to get up at midnight (at midnight on ďFriday evening/Saturday morningĒ) and have a big messy poop, and this one smelled awful. I canít usually smell my poops. I then thought that I hopefully wouldíve been done for a while after having a great big poop like that one, but no...An hour later I had to get up again and I had another one just like it, and again this one too also had a terrible smell. Itís unusual for my poops to have a smell thatís that bad. I pretty much cleaned out both of my wipe boxes that night, both the one downstairs and the one in my upstairs bathroom so my mom had to refill both boxes yesterday. And then I told you that my stomach had been acting up all weekend and that Iíve been pooping a lot more than usual, so my mom had to refill my upstairs wipe box again today. I didnít get to sleep until just after 4AM the night before last night when I had a really upset stomach and then I didnít get to sleep until just after 3AM last night, I didnít get more than just a couple hours of sleep in total for last night. And by the way, I had another little messy toot just before lunch yesterday.

I donít know if Iíll get around to writing about all the heavy stuff that I wanted to write about before Wednesdayís meeting such as ďmy thoughts about moving out,Ē etc. After the way Iíve been feeling this last weekend, I think I should respect what I remember you said to me one time before that I donít have to be rushing to write out these long messages ďwith such detail because I know that Johnís coming tomorrow.Ē And Iím sure that Dr. McKibbin, Serena, etc might think the same whereas I shouldnít be rushing to type out all of the things that I want addressed ďbecause I know that the meetingís coming up at the end of this week.Ē Hopefully we could find enough other stuff to talk about that will last us for the full duration of this entire meeting. And I know that I still have homework to do before Serena comes on the next Wednesday (the 28thí).

Iíll also let you know that I phoned my friend, Kris, yesterday afternoon. I tried his home number first and he wasnít home so I then got him on his cell phone. He said that next Sunday (the 25th) isnít good for him, so I asked him which other days are good for him because I know that he works on weekdays and that you work with Scott on Saturdays. He said that heíd call me back when he got home so that he could look at his calendar and see which days are good for him, but he never called me back. Itís now the middle of the afternoon on Sunday and he still didnít call me back yet.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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