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Sunday Apr.20,2008

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My mom went straight to Willowbrook after she left the house last Thursday. She looked at sandals for me in the Bay, Sears, and Shoe Warehouse, but none of those places had the style I wanted. Unless she knows about any other places that might have what I want where she could look for me, she says that the places where she already looked might get more in later to choose from. We couldn’t find the blue bags of allan gummies (Gummie Fruits) in the London Drugs by us (the one in Peninsula Village) for the last couple weeks, so my mom stopped at the one in Cloverdale after she left Willowbrook and they didn’t have them either. She had a bit of time left before she had to come home, so she stopped at the casino in Cloverdale. This time she came out with an extra $10 over the amount she went in with.

My mom went out this afternoon to pick up a few things at Peninsula Village and then when she got home later she said to me that she doesn’t think the London Drugs by us carries allan gummies anymore, she saw that their sign was no longer up that says “allan gummies.” I then asked her if they still make allan gummies knowing that she tried a couple London Drugs locations and couldn’t find them, and then she said “probably not” because London Drugs was the only store she saw them at. She got me some JOLLY RANCHER gummies instead. She can’t remember and I can’t remember myself whether or not I had these before, I guess I’ll find out when I try them. I am disappointed though, I thought those allan gummies were really good and they were one of the best ever out of all the different types of gummies I tried over the years.

Last Wednesday (the 16th) before you came and we went to our meeting, I was just about to go upstairs to my bathroom and put on my sunscreen for the first time this year. I told you a few times that I have a separate type of sunscreen I put on my face and I also have a spray lotion that goes on the rest of my body. Now it was just before I went upstairs to put my lotion on when I didn’t remember which one to use on my hands whenever I wear a jacket and don’t need to do my arms, so I asked my mom whether I should use my face lotion or spray lotion on my hands and then all she said was “yes.” My mom's been doing this a lot lately where she just says “yes” when I give her more than one answer to choose from. Just saying “yes” doesn’t tell me whether to use the face lotion or the spray lotion. I couldn’t get my mom to explain herself as to why she sometimes just says “yes” the first time I ask her a question where I give her two or more options to choose from and she doesn’t tell me specifically which of my options until I ask her the second time, all she would say was “sometimes things just happen.” I notice that my mom didn’t start up this habit of just saying “yes” when I give her two or more options to choose from until just lately though my mom says that she remembers doing the same thing for a long time but I myself don't remember this happening until just within the last while.

remember you said something at our meeting last Wednesday about I gave three reasons in the message I sent you last Monday (the 14th) as to why I think that my parents might’ve tried to purposely end Carol’s and my relationship even though I say later on in that same message about how I feel that Carol was “violating my rights.” Another thing I remember you said was about one positive comment from my dad at that meeting was about how after my cousin, David, passed away when we had Carol around to stay with me while my parents went and made arrangements with all the relatives who I didn’t want to see, but you should remember that I mentioned a few times in previous E-mails about my dad thinks Carol doesn’t have a heart and was only being this nice because she had got paid to do so. Could we not talk about anything heavy again tomorrow. Seeing how our next meeting with FVMH isn’t until a little more than a month from today, I feel that I should take some more time to think about what was discussed instead of rushing into sending you a long message. If you want me to respect when you say not to feel rushed/pressured about “sending you the long messages where I go over my thoughts with such detail because I know that John’s comin' tomorrow,” then we shouldn’t discuss any heavy stuff tomorrow. One other thing I will comment on right now however is that “I’m worried about moving out” and I had a nice conversation with my mom last Wednesday evening after the meeting, I will send you a long in-depth message about the conversation I had with my mom once I have more time to think about things. I thought this might be a good weekend to get you caught up on what I had to say about some of the YouTube videos we watched that I didn’t send you my comments about yet:

Wednesday Apr.2,2008:
> ...I will comment on the other videos we watched in another E-mail, this message is now eight pages long...

That was a fun way to spend the weekend, watching some of those videos over again by myself. Sometimes it’s more fun when watching the second time if you know what I mean and I learn stuff that I didn’t pick up the first time when I watched the videos. And you can find these comments at the bottom of this message in the second PS.

I believe Dr. McKibbin said at the end of our meeting last week when we were making our next appointment that they don’t have anymore morning appointments until July after our next one he made us on Wednesday May 21st. I also remember he said last week at that same meeting that he doesn’t work there Mondays and Tuesdays, my mom thought that maybe either he works somewhere else on those days or has his own private practice. Would a “private practice” be the type of place I was going to on Scott Road for many years until we found out about the FVMH? If so and if Dr. McKibbin does have one, I wonder if his is closer to where I live. We now know that morning appointments with FVMH are better whenever we can get them, we just beat the afternoon rush hour coming across the bridge last Wednesday but we still had to wait for a bit of time to get onto the bridge. And my mom said that it was a good thing we decided for me to take my milkshake with me instead of going inside and having it because we might’ve had a longer wait to get on the bridge if we stayed over there much longer. I didn’t know that Dairy Queen and SUBWAY on Shaughnessy are almost next to each other, there’s only one or a couple stores between them. After we left the meeting and before we stopped to pick up my shake, I noticed a Chinese restaurant on Mary Hill Road just after we turned off Elgin, it’s called the “Ruby Chinese Restaurant” and my mom said that she thinks that’s the one my aunt and uncle (my mom’s brother and his wife) who live over in Port Coquitlam took us to for my mom’s birthday one time many years ago. It was a long time since then so I don’t remember whether or not they had the right kind of noodles (or “chow mein”) that I like, so I suggested to my mom that maybe she and my dad could eat there sometime after one of our meetings and if they think it’s the right kind of Chinese food then maybe you and I could have lunch there after another one of our meetings sometime after my parents try it first. Also remember when we were parked while you went with my dad into Dairy Queen I told you that I also saw a bakery in that same area (where the DQ is), my mom suggested that maybe we could stop in there another time after one of our meetings and see what they got as well as maybe pick up something for me to bring home for a snack.

Dr. McKibbin said at the meeting last Wednesday that he thought he remembered me saying something the last time we were there back in March about “I wanted to get out fishing with my dad.” I don’t remember saying that and my dad said to me after the meeting that he couldn’t remember me saying anything like that either. The only place I could think of where he might’ve got such information from was maybe one of my E-mails that you forwarded, and then maybe he misread it and for some reason thought that fishing is a thing I like and that I wanted to go with my dad. The only place I could think of where he could’ve read something about this was if one of the messages that you forwarded to him was the one that I sent you on Sunday Mar.16,2008:

> ...One other thing we discussed with the nurse from FVMH when she came to our house almost two months
> ago was the fact that my dad’s now had his Subaru for a year and a half and I had never ridden in it before.
> Before he got his Subaru, he had a 1986 Honda Accord LX and you know my mom’s current car is the 2001
> version of that. Even though when we had that vehicle I also preferred to ride in the 2001 Honda most times, I
> would still go in the 1986 Honda lots of times before I lost my confidence either when we wanted to go out
> in my dad’s boat or when we wanted to take the tandem somewhere farther away and ride it because the
> 1986 Honda had the trailer hitch for the boat and the roof racks for the bike. I never wanted to put a trailer
> hitch or racks on my mom’s car because it was the newer vehicle at that time and I think that it looks better
> without having any of those things installed on it...

Maybe that message was where he got that from and for some reason instead thought that I said something about that in person the last time when we saw him.

You thought that we drove by St. Michael's Church that one time on our way to your house on 126th Street (the one just off 60th Avenue). We got something in the mail from Peace Arch Community Services sometime within the last few weeks letting us know about a karaoke event at that church.

My mom saw on the Noon News a couple days ago (on Friday the 18th) that Abbotsford got snow that same day, and when my dad phoned us at lunch he said that a few flakes of snow fell on his windshield that morning when he picked up the lady in his carpool who lives near White Rock Centre, Janice. A few minutes before my dad got home on that same day (on Friday), he phoned us to let us know that they were waiting for the traffic light at 152nd and 16th when he (my dad) saw my friend, Mac, cross in front of them. My dad gave Mac a ride home after he dropped off the rest of the people in his carpool. My grandpa (my dad’s dad) phoned us the next morning (Saturday morning), he said that some parts of the island got about four or five inches of snow and he also heard that White Rock was suppose to be white. My dad then said to him “Nope, the sun’s out here” because the sun was out here that morning but then my mom saw on the Noon News a couple hours later that “South Surrey/White Rock” did get a bit of snow. They showed the McDonald's on King George where you and I ate a few times, that snow must have just missed us.

Another thing Mac said to me when I talked to him on the phone last Wednesday (the 16th) was that some of the channels that we get right now will be going high-def (or “HD”) sometime in the future and Mac thought that the newer TVs like the one that my dad has in our family room or like Mac’s big flat-screen (somewhere around 50 inches) won’t be affected by this while you might have to buy a converter for some of the older TVs that might not be able to handle this. I’m not sure if my older TV that’s in our living room could handle this or if we’ll need to get a converter. And not exactly changing the subject now but something else here to do with the TV subject, my dad went to watch some TV last Friday evening (the 18th) and for some reason most of the channels were frozen. Some of the channels were normal, but most of them were frozen. I asked my dad if maybe it was just his TV in the family room or if the same thing might happen on my TV in the living room, he said that the same thing would probably happen on my TV. He just went to bed and all the channels were fine again the next day.

Not long after my dad got home last Friday (the 18th), he went down into our crawlspace to bring up some wine bottles. My mom was in the garage at that time and she forgot that he was in there, she turned the light off on him. He didn’t like that. And my cousin, Jenny, called us in the evening that same day (on Friday), she said that she gave Danny the ring for his birthday and he gave her a couple cheap rings. Jenny didn’t know how much the ring is worth that she found and gave to Danny. Jenny also said that same phone call two evenings ago that she was starting to get her cold back.

Before my dad left work last Friday (the 18th), he was in the lobby at where he works waiting for the other lady in his carpool, Angie, to come down. He decided to buy a few scratches to bring home for the three of us while he was waiting for her, he got for me a BLACKJACK and a GOLDRUSH. On the BLACKJACK I had to beat 20 and I got four 18s, I got two $10,000s on the GOLDRUSH. If I had got one more of those, I wonder if that plus the amount my mom’s Honda is currently worth would be enough for us to buy a new car next year. This way, my mom and I will have a newer vehicle than my dad again. Another thing I said in the message I sent you on Sunday Mar.16,2008:

> ...My dad’s Subaru is a 2006 that he leased and just before he got it I didn’t like the idea about him having a
> newer vehicle than my mom and would have rather he got a used vehicle. He had been planning to get a
> used vehicle for a long time before then but ended up deciding to lease a new one at almost the last minute.
> Whenever I went out with my dad since he got this Subaru he would always take me in my mom’s Honda
> even if my mom wasn’t going with us.

In the attached ZIP file ( is an image I scanned within the last few days of the 2008 Honda Accord, both the two door and the four door. I don’t like the look of the 2008 four door model (like the gray or silver one on the left side of the attached image) and like the look of my mom’s current 2001 Honda better. Hopefully some of the other manufacturers’ 2008 or 2009 models will look more like the 2001 Honda Accord like maybe the Chevrolet Cavalier even though I told you in the message I sent you on Saturday Mar.22,2008 that my mom said “the Honda Accord has a better review.” I also previously wrote to you about that I like the look of the Buicks that I’ve seen though most of the Buicks that I have seen are around anywhere between 1998 and 2001 and I can’t remember whether I saw any more recent models. Unless there’s anymore videos you think we could look at on YouTube, after my snack tomorrow afternoon maybe either we could go back to cropping the scanned images or something else that maybe you and I could do is look up cars online both for your sake as well as just possibly “hintfor my mom for next year. And then I could E-mail you with my thoughts about each of the different vehicles after we look at them. I’m thinking that I might have our last green bag of allan gummies for my snack when you’re here tomorrow, and depending how I feel when it gets closer to Thursday I thought that maybe we could go out for our snack that day. My mom saw the weather on today’s news and they’re predicting the weather to get nicer the further we move into the coming week, so if Thursday ends up being a warmer day and if we decide to go out for our snack that afternoon maybe I could either get a Smartie blizzard at DQ or I wonder if the McFlurries are out yet at McDonald's. I asked my mom and she didn’t know whether or not the McFlurries are out yet, maybe you know. And I still wonder if the DQ Smartie blizzard was ever their flavour of the month or if it will be sometime.

When you were here last Thursday afternoon (the 17th), I believe you said that those “rainbow RICE KRISPIES SQUAREs” you brought for your snack are the ones that are coded on top with the little M&M-like candies. When I told my mom that you brought a couple of those after you left that day, she said that she thinks there might be a few of those left in our cupboard that I forgot about until then.

I remember on our walk last Thursday afternoon (the 17th) just before we got back to my place, we were coming down that little path that you called the “black asphalt road.” Do I remember you calling it the “green brick road” or something else like that at first? Remember I said in the message I sent you on Wednesday Mar.26,2008 about how I always wondered where that red brick road leads to after I saw the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz," I never thought of the “green brick road.”

Cat stories:

Monday Apr.14,2008: It was either the evening on this day or the evening the day before when Izzy stole my dad’s chair again and only a few seconds before I came back downstairs after I had my shower...and then she did once again what we don’t like her to be doing, she crawled out onto one of our coffee tables in that same room (the family room).

• Tuesday Apr.15,2008: Chloe was having a nice play with her toys when all of a sudden Izzy comes in and starts to bug her. Once my mom yelled at Izzy to stop bugging Chloe, Izzy then started to scratch on the couch in our family room so my mom then had to yell at Izzy to stop scratching on the couch.

• Friday Apr.18,2008: My mom set out a few things that she bought for me the day before (on Thursday) on the newspaper stand in our downstairs hallway to take upstairs and it was the evening on this day when those dumb cats decided to play with them. One thing was knocked over, and another on the floor.

Saturday Apr.19,2008: Izzy got shut in the laundry room for either a minute or just a couple seconds. Once we let her out after we realized that she was in there, my dad then said quote “stupid cat.”

• On another note, Izzy still seems to like the tissue paper for some reason. The tissue paper leftover from my dad’s birthday more than a week ago is still on the floor in the middle of our dining room and I still see Izzy laying in it lots today as well as also playing with it sometimes.

• And Chloe’s acting weird today, she’s meowing lots and we don’t know why she’s meowing.

My snacks for the last few days:

• Friday Apr.18,2008 - afternoon snack: My mom opened a new bag of Dare juicy jubes for this snack and a few of the green ones in this bag were a different shape than the green ones I had when you saw me have Dare juicy jubes.

• Saturday Apr.19, 2008 - afternoon snack: I had five more Purdys foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs as well as some more of the eggshell that they came in. There are now six of the foil wrapped eggs left and my mom gave me a bit more than half of what was left of the eggshell for my afternoon snack yesterday.

• Saturday Apr.19, 2008 - evening snack: I finally got around to having the first half of the Easter jelly beans that we bought in bulk last month at Save-On.

• Sunday Apr.20, 2008 - evening snack: My mom took the garlic sausage out of freezing and for my evening snack tonight I will be having some of that with some marble cheese, dill cheese, and some sliced dill pickles on the following kinds of crackers; Christie brand BACON DIPPERS, “Less Sodium” Triscuit crackers, and WHEAT THINS...Not the STONED WHEAT THINS crackers that I sometimes have cut up or mashed avocadoes spread on, just “WHEAT THINS.”

We found a dead fish at the bottom of my 32 gallon two days ago (on Friday), it was one of my swords. I now have two male swords and three females left. My dad put one of the four beta barracks that we have on my ten gallon fish tank today, the one that has my adult platies, and then he put four of my big betas in it. Each of our four barracks can have a maximum of four dividers. He also put two dividers in the barracks on my 32 gallon that my adult male beta is in, the one who is the father of all these little guys. He gave the father half of the barracks and put two more bigger babies in the smaller compartments. Once he moved all these fish out of my other ten gallon and into the barracks, he then moved up about half a dozen baby betas from the five gallon to the tank above the five gallon and after today’s move there are now only six or seven babies left in the five gallon. My dad also said that some of those males in the barracks on the ten gallon already have bits of their tails and fins missing, I previously told you that male betas can become aggressive and that they tend to fight with each other.

On Friday just two days ago I noticed the ping pong ball under the dog’s ear on top of our computer monitor, you must’ve did that!

Here is what my mom said when she read the last line in the last message before I sent it to you, I guess maybe she agreed with me and thought that might be a good idea:

Quote: “Hey, how about a Barney emoticon. Let's find one.”

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


P.S. Links and YouTube videos from this last week:

Game show: Family Feud
Movie: Arachnophobia (1990)
Movie: Matilda (1996)
Movie: Monsters Inc
Movie: The Borrowers (1997)
Movie: The Jewel of the Nile
Muppet: Don Music
Muppet: Pat Playjacks
Muppet song: Mahna Mahna*
TV series: Center of the Universe
TV series: Committed (2005)*

* denotes a link that I already gave you in the last message that I sent you on Wednesday Mar.16,2008.

Babe Theatrical Trailer
Back to the Future II Clips with SpongeBob SquarePants Audio
Spencer skid evacuation chair
• Victor Borge: the Dance Of The Comedians
• The Muppet Show - Victor Borge: Fozzie Bear and Victor fall asleep to the "Moonlight Sonata."
[Notice how the last few times when we search for something on YouTube, we find our way back into muppets.]
• Celebrity: Victor Borge on Sesame Street
• The Muppet Show - Victor Borge: Meet The Muppets
• Victor Borge: Funny Jokes - Part 1
• Victor Borge: Funny Jokes - Part 2
• Comedy: Louie Anderson at The 9th Annual Young Comedians Special
Comic Relief "Louie Anderson" 1987 Stand Up Comedy
Comic Relief "Steven Wright" 1987 Stand Up Comedy
• Comedy: Steven Wright - Stand Up (Funny Guy)
• Comedy: Mike Reid Best Stand Up Joke

PS2. Here are my comments that I promised you for some of the YouTube videos:

• Cookie Monster's poem on Galoshes:
Could you believe that he hid cookies in the galoshes?

• Cookie Monster: Heavy Metal Music Video
I know that isn’t Cookie Monster singing, they probably recorded their own audio when they made the video.

• Talking Dog: Oscar The Boxer
My mom said that dog’s like the one across our back lane who also howls when he hears sirens, except this dog “loves sirens and pulls to be close to them” while the one across our back alley hates the sound of them because it hurts his ears.

• Johnny Cash - Nasty Dan (with Oscar the Grouch):
Oscar: ”And say, aren’t you Johnny Trash?”
Johnny: “Cash.”

Don’t you think that “Johnny Trash” would be a good name for a muppet spoof of Johnny

• Danny DeVito and Oscar laugh it up:
I saw Danny DeVito in a movie I watched many years ago called “Matilda,” the one about the girl who has magical powers, and my dad saw him just last week in a movie that was on TV called “The Jewel of the Nile.”

• Ernie and Bert go camping:
Bert: “I wish I was a bird.”
Ernie: “Listen...there’s something else...Bert, does that remind you of anybody we know?”

And remember I told you this was one of my favorite Ernie and Bert segments of All Time.

• Ernie and Bert at the movies: Loud Snacks
• Ernie and Bert share licorice candy

I see that your favorite Ernie and Bert segments must be any ones that mention snacks in the title, as soon as I read those titles off the “Related Videos” I remember you then said “let’s watch that one.”

• Bert and Ernie go fishing (modern version)
I get that note at the end that says “what happened to your friend,” I guess for some reason the fish like Ernie better and they don’t want to bite on Bert’s line. I’ll bet you didn’t know that fish are capable of writing Bert that note.

• Battle at Kruger:
When my dad saw this one, he thought that little water buffalo was gunna be a goner until he got up and walked away.

• Top Ten Super Bowl Ads 2008:
I guess my favorite of these ten would have to be #8, the one in where the dog trains the horse. Notice the horse pulling the dalmatian along the train tracks in a wagon and then later the horse actually pulls a train. I also notice them training in the rain and the snow. Finally at the end of the commercial, I like where the dog high fives the horse.

Also the big pigeon in #5.

I thought that #3 at first was going to be another Bud Light commercial when I saw the conveyor belt etc and while knowing that “it seems those Super Bowl guys like the Bud Light ones more than they like any other SB ads,” until at the very end when I learned that it was a Diet Pepsi commercial.

And I think I see why the Justin Timberlake commercial came in at #1. Could you believe that he was still moving after he hit the mailbox and then he kept getting his @$$ kicked.

• Thrillicious - 2008 SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad:
As soon as the one lizard at the beginning takes a drink of SoBe Life Water, more lizards appear and dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." I like them dancing lizards.

• Michael Jackson: Thriller music video
After you read this portion of the message I sent you on Wednesday Apr.2,2008, you said that I have listened to music since that time a few years ago..."Thriller" by Michael Jackson, didn’t listen to the song on the radio but watched the above video on YouTube:

> Another thing in addition to not watching movies or playing computer games etc, I haven’t listened
> to any of my CDs for a few years...

And after the above excerpt, the same message then went on to say that I do still listen to music they play on the radio when I’m riding in the car. I just haven't listened to any CDs since that time a few years ago./p>

• Sesame Street - Public Television [Kermit interviews Oscar the Grouch]:
The two green muppets together.

• Oscar the Grouch cussing out the Teletubbies:
This was the one that we decided to turn off because it had swearing, but you know, this could be the other video my dad found just before he played the Cookie Monster video that I’d been looking for.

Wednesday Mar.26,2008:
> • One time a few months ago when my dad was on the laptop looking up ideas for songs to use as background
> music in the DVD we were putting together of my grandparents’ home movies, he found this Cookie Monster
> video on YouTube...I think it was YouTube, it might’ve been some other video sharing site though. I wanted to
> send you the link but we didn’t bookmark it and couldn’t find it again after the one time when my dad saw it, we
> did find this NPR Cookie Monster Interview with Elizabeth Blair but I’m not 100% sure that it’s the same video. I
> remember the video my dad saw showed Cookie Monster standing next to somebody, I’m not sure if he was
> standing next to a person or another muppet. Anyway, there was either a plate or a pan of cookies in front of
> them. And at the end of the video my dad saw, Cookie Monster ate all the cookies. Cookie Monster so
> predictable, I remember when my dad saw this video he already knew that Cookie Monster was gunna eat the
> cookies before he actually even ate them. I remember hearing the “Sesame Street” theme song (Sunny Day
> Sweeping the clouds away...) on my laptop just before my dad found the video, I don’t know if that would have
> been a separate video or if that was part of the same video before it got to Cookie Monster...

• The Count's Sleepover (2 parts):
I’ve heard of Count Chocula, I’ve heard of Count Dracula, I’ve heard of Count Floyd (from you), but I never heard of Count Sheep.

Notice when we zoom in before The Count imagines a fence and just after he says “goodnight” to Ernie, a big capital letter B (for Bert) can be seen on Bert’s headboard. And just before this, also notice that the moon outside the window is facing the wrong way.

• Sesame Street - Don Music's last gig:
You asked me if I heard of this muppet and I’ll tell you that I don’t remember him. If you read his entry over at Muppet Wiki, you’ll learn that this muppet was eventually banned because kids were imitating his habits at home “banging his head against the piano.”

• Sesame Street Game Show Sketches: Mystery Guest
Does it not surprise you that Sherlock Hemlock didn’t win this, after all his only song is “X Marks the Spot.”

• Sesame Street Game Show Sketches: Squeal of Fortune
This is one video that I decided on my own for us to watch, as soon as I saw it under the “Related Videos” I said “let’s watch this one” because I remember this was one of my favorite generic Sesame Street segments of All Time...a muppet spoof of “Wheel of Fortune.” And a good choice I made on your behalf for us to watch this because The Count is one of the contestants.

At the beginning when Mr. Snuffleupagus decides to use the toes on Big Bird’s other foot to finish the rhyme and before he finished it using five of the six toes, I was wondering if they would notice that they have one “piggy leftover.” And I thought that I remembered this one being another Sesame Street Game Show hosted by Guy Smiley until I saw this for the first time after many years which would be when I saw this with you just recently. When the host, Pat Playjacks, says that he’s America's Second-Favorite Game Show Host while the prizes are shown, he is comparing himself to Guy Smiley. And Pat Playjacks is a muppet spoof of “Wheel of Fortune” host, Pat Sajak, BTW. "Eel of Fortune" is apparently taped in the studio next door.

• Ernie brings home a surprise:
Again, this is the segment that someone made a modified version of just for their own amusement, you now saw at the end of this video what the surprise was that Ernie brought home and therefore you know why this one’s my other favorite Ernie and Bert segment of All Time. And I wonder which segment this jerk/idiot got that image from of Bert in the bathtub. Both this as well as the one where Oscar cusses the Teletubbies might be ones that we could watch if we have Mac over to watch YouTube videos one afternoon while you’re at my place, and they are inappropriate videos but here are the links to them anyway:

• banned sesame street segment: Bert in the bathtub
Oscar the Grouch cussing out the Teletubbies

And maybe those videos of Louie Anderson that we saw just last Thursday would also be ones that we could watch with Mac. My parents use to watch “Family Feud” back when Louie Anderson was the host of that game show, and Mac use to watch it then too.

• John Goodman on Sesame Street:
Another video that I decided on my own for us to watch because John Goodman played in a TV series I watched a few years ago called “Center of the Universe” plus I saw him in “Arachnophobia,” “The Borrowers,” and he did one of the voices in “Monsters Inc.”

• Carol Channing on Sesame Street:
When you first saw that head coming out from behind the curtain not long after she started singing the song, you said to me quote “there comes your pal” before you saw that it was a snake after his head came out. Gotta remember, Kermit is not yellow.

• talking dogs:
Again, I thought this might be the dogs version of the cat video that Kris was watching on our computer the time when he, you, and Mac were at my place for supper not long before Christmas. At 1:05 when the dog makes the noise after the man tells him to say “run around,” it almost sounds like he actually is saying “run around.” I’d therefore say he’s pretty good, “one of the few dogs that I saw so far in real life who can actually talk.”

• Funny dog with funny cat:
Joe Cocker in slow motion. And I like that white cat.

• Dakota & Tuna, "Dog-Cat Fight" Funny:
Obviously, Dakota’s the dog and Tuna’s the cat.

• Dog breaks up Cat fight FUNNY!!
Notice that one of the two cats looks almost like one of my cats, Chloe, except the one in this video’s got more white on its back legs.

Those are my comments for all of the YouTube videos that I sent you links to on Wednesday Apr.2,2008 as well as some of the ones that I sent you links to on Sunday Apr.6,2008. This message is now ten pages long and I never sent you a message that is any longer than that. More to come, enjoy all that I’ve done this weekend.


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