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Thursday Apr.3,2008


message hereJohn,

My dentist appointment this morning went well except for stuff that my mom did. I went over with her twice, once yesterday and once this morning before we left, about the fact that I didnít want my next appointment in six months to be too close to my birthday or at least not in the duration after my birthday and before Halloween. My mom was given a card with my next appointment which is on Thursday Oct.16,2008, two days after my birthday. Here is something I said in the message that I sent you yesterday:

> My mom said that she didnít correct me this time because when she saw the part from the following excerpt thatís
> in bold red, she thought that I did mean switching the VCRs. I donít know how she couldíve thought I meant
> switching the VCRs when she read the part thatís in bold red, I remember that you understood the bold red
> portion correctly when you read it in the message where this following excerpt came from:
> Tuesday Mar.25,2008:
> > ...found that the VCR in our living room would still play though it wouldnít record. My dad figured that maybe the
> > screen went, he suggested switching it with the screen on the VCR in our downstairs computer room
> > that is hooked up to the breakout box unless maybe you have or you know somebody who might have a spare
> > VCR or even just a broken VCR with a screen that still works.

I donít know why she didnít clue in on this one after I again went over it with her twice. When we got back to the car once we had left the dentist office, my mom said to me that it was because she wasnít alert yet after sitting in the waiting room for an hour doing almost nothing. My mom also said once we got back to the car that she could run back inside and change it to maybe sometime in the beginning of November, I then told her just to leave it now that we were already at the car and to give me a few days to think about it before she phones them and changes it. I think that once again she was trying to trigger me to hit her, you know that Serenaís coming next week on Tuesday and I would therefore like things to continue to go well until then so that Iíll still have good things to chat with her about. By the way, this is the first time that I remember when my mom wasnít alert while she was awake. The only times when sheís not alert as far as I remember are usually after she wakes up when it takes her a while to get going. I asked her if she fell asleep at all while she was sitting in the waiting room waiting for me, she didnít fall asleep once while I was in having my checkup and was awake the whole time.

Again other than what I talked about above, the rest of my appointment went well. I didnít hear anybody say one word the whole time about grinding my teeth. They also told me that it was a good checkup, I hope these are signs that I havenít been grinding my teeth since I had some of them rebuilt last December and when they say that ďit was a good checkupĒ I hope they arenít just referring to the fact that Iíve been brushing my teeth really good. It was my dentistís wife, Dr. Huang, who worked on me today, she hadnít talked to me or worked on me since I was only a few years old. Her husband, Dr. Lee, came in and saw me at the end of my checkup. When he saw me at the end, he asked me if he got this right that ďI now live on my own.Ē I corrected him and said, ďno, I still live with my parents.Ē I had wondered who gave Dr. Lee this information. We didnít find out until my dad phoned us after we got home that when he had his dentist checkup a month ago he said something to Dr. Lee about that I might be moving out sometime soon. And I still hope thatís gunna be with Carol, I donít want to live by myself (even if thereíd still be help for me either upstairs or just on the other side of the door) and Carol just has to take me. The ladies in the dentist office today liked my blue shirt, they gave me a blue toothbrush when I left ďto match my blue shirt.Ē The one lady there said that it seems to her that I get a bit taller each time she sees me. My mom says thatís probably because she doesnít see me too often and most people stop growing before 25 years of age. The same lady asked me if I know how tall I am, my height is 6'1.

One other heavy point... You were wondering what the longest amount of time was Iíve been away from my mom, I guess youíre right that it wouldíve been for no more than a couple nights when I use to go camping while I was in Cubs though my dad was around because he was a leader. Most of the times Iíve been away from both of my parents overnight would have been when I use to always go and stay with my grandparents (my dadís parents), but I stopped doing that many years ago. The time when Carol stayed overnight with me two summers ago (in the summer of 2006) while my parents stayed a night at the River Rock casino was the first time in many years I had spent a night away from my parents. The time last August when Carolís and my relationship ended wouldíve been the first time in a long time when I wouldíve been away from my parents for more than just one night if things had gone well and we were able to have done two nights. You also asked me if I had ever been to my grandparentsí cabin that they use to have at Watch Lake, I stayed there with my parents a few times when I was little.

Iím glad to say that I had actually managed to sleep good last night. Remember when we went for our walk last time you saw me three days ago I said that I know we havenít seen any cats yet on my walks with you, just dogs so far. I donít think I saw cats on any of my walks since before you started working with me. When we were driving down our street after we left my house this morning, we saw a cat in its front yard about a block down the street from where we live. This is the first time I saw that cat since last summer, now I know that itís still around. Itís not very smart and doesnít know to stay off the road. We saw this cat a few times last year when I went for walks with my mom and I think we mightíve also saw it once when I went for a walk with Carol, when we use to see it on our walks last year he would always go and lay in the middle of the street. Just before we got to the dentist, a couple crows were flying near our car and it looked like they were going to hit us. My mom said, ďthey must like our car.Ē After we left the dentist, we stopped at the Safeway just behind there like I told you we would so that I could use the washroom. We then stopped at McDonald's, the one on 32nd Avenue where you and I ate, I waited in the car and listened to the radio while my mom went inside and got my food. We went home 148th Street after we left McDonald's, the one that curves around the corner and becomes 32nd Avenue. We got right through when we went home that way and it only took us the amount of time it would normally take us when we go that way, we figured that either the work crews stopped for lunch or maybe theyíre just not working today. We went all the way on 152nd Street on our way to the dentist this morning BTW incase they are working today. And we noticed on our way home after we left McDonald's that they only four-laned 148th Street as far as just South of 24th Avenue, I hope that theyíll continue working on it and four-lane it as far as the High School or at least as far as 20th Avenue which is where you turn off to go over to my place. My mom read the menu when she was waiting in line at McDonald's and saw that they no longer have that turkey sandwich that I told you I mightíve tried sometime if they didnít discontinue it. And my mom just got my lunch today at McDonald's and didnít get anything for herself, she just waited and made something for herself when we got home. She got me my ten piece Chicken McNuggets with only four things of honey sauce, medium fries, and a medium Sprite. There is now just a bit more than two pieces of Safeway Easter cake left but not enough to make three pieces, I will have one whole slice for my dessert after supper tonight and then after that there will be a bit more than just one slice left. I told you I had a glazed donut for my dessert after supper last night that my dad brought home for me the day before, I forgot to say in the message I sent you yesterday that it was leftover from a meeting he was in. I think I might have some Dare juicy jubes for my snack tomorrow afternoon, my mom saw on TV that the weatherís suppose to stay nice until Sunday so maybe before my snack we can go for a walk tomorrow afternoon. Iím thinking that maybe weíd walk passed the elementary school and then through that walkway I took you through before that goes over to 18th Avenue. We then follow 18th Avenue to 144th Street except maybe we could make it a bigger walk this time and instead of going right at 144th we continue down 18th another block to 145th Street and then take a right at 145th. We can follow 145th three blocks to 16A Avenue and then turn right and take 16A back to 144th. I should hope to have more nights where I sleep good after a big walk like that, I think this might be the biggest walk you and I will go on so far.

Also on our walk last Monday, remember we saw a sign just before we got back to my place that said ďitís a $2,000 fine if you donít clean up after you dogĒ and I said thatís a good deterrent for the city to get people to clean up after their dogs. If you donít clean up after your dog and they donít see you do it, I wonder how they know who did it if they later find the dogís mess after youíre gone. I remember when we use to take my dog, Brandy, for walks and whenever there was crap left from another dog near where Brandy would stop to make her mess, my mom wouldnít clean up the messes that my dog didnít make though my dad always cleaned up all messes around where Brandy made herís.


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