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Wednesday Mar.19,2008

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Even though I said in the message that I sent you yesterday that I would be expecting a response from you so I would know what to tell Mac when I call him this afternoon, I went ahead and called him anyway. Funny things happened, I first tried calling his home number at 1PM which is the time of day I usually prefer to call friends. When I first called his home number at that time, I didnít hear his phone ring once I dialed the number and I got a message that said quote ďyour call has been forwarded to Telus answering service.Ē I then tried calling his cell number and once I dialed that number, I got ring or voicemail, I got nothing. I then called him back a couple hours later at around 3PM. I got through to him this time and he said that he was home when I called his home number earlier in the afternoon, I havenít talked to him for a few months and he said that they got an answering service sometime within those few months. And the reason why his phone didnít ring and went straight to the answering service was because Mac said that he was on the phone at that time. Anyway, Mac said that any dayís good for him except Monday.

Guess what, my dadís trip got changed again. Now heís going next week on Tuesday (the 25th). Now Iím glad that my plans to go out with him on Friday hopefully shouldnít be affected. Once we trade the platies in, my dad plans to move just the bigger bettas up to the tank where the platies Iím trading are currently and leave the smaller bettas in the five gallon. The biggest betta is now an inch long and the smallest ones are about a quarter of an inch.

Serena returned my momís call at around 1:30PM this afternoon. She said that sheís pretty booked up for the next few weeks and she wonít see us until Tuesday April 8th at 2:30PM. I talked to her on the phone for a few minutes after my mom was finished talking to her and before she (Serena) hung up because she wanted to talk to me. She asked me if thereís anything I wanted to chat about or work on with her when she comes on the 8th. She said that if there is anything I want to talk about with her I could make a note of it if I think of it before she comes. When Serena asked my mom before she talked to me if thereís anything that she (my mom) thinks that Serena should work on with me, my mom said that she couldnít really think of anything right now other than exercises to help me relax. Again, you know I donít find either this necessary or seeing a behavioral specialist on a regular basis. I even told Serena when I talked to her on the phone today for a few minutes that things have been going well lately and then she said that if things keep going well in my life for the next few weeks maybe I could chat with her when she comes here on the 8th about the things in my life that are going well. Remember Dr. McKibbin said last week that he hopes Serena will be out to my house before our next meeting with him, now we know she will be because the 8th is only one week before the next meeting which is on the 16th. And if I end up keeping my dentist appointment after my mom asked me why don't I just go get it over with, Iíll have to reschedule with you that week because the appointmentís on a Thursday which is again April 3rd. I hope I donít get too tired with everything going on because I told you that I donít like too much going on in the same week and my dadís birthdayís coming up on April 10th. Iíll have to get out shopping with my mom for him one day.

When I hung up the phone in our downstairs computer room once I finished talking to Serena, I knocked over one of your two ping pong balls on the cat springs while the other stayed standing. Just a few minutes later when I was on the computer, I knocked over the other ball and cat spring while I was on the computer.

I had a good sleep last night and got my usual six or seven hours except I woke up ten minutes before 8AM to hear Loganís car start up next door and it just sat there running for a good 40 minutes this time before it drove off. After I told my mom this once I got up, she then said quote ďwhat a waste of gas.Ē

I remember that we saw a property that was for sale on 140th street by Sarah Daniels on our way to the store two days ago. My mom told me that she saw another property for sale by her on 24th Avenue when she was out that same day. My mom didnít like Sarah when she used to do the weather on Global because some of the things she said on the air, my mom said that she would sometimes not think them through and they were rude or sometimes stupid. Sarah Daniels has her own website, check it out.

Todayís picture on the front of "the Surrey Now" local paper had some of the other people who currently do the weather on Global including the current weekday News Hour weather forecaster, Wayne Cox. Carol met Wayne Cox. His daughter, Chelsea, goes to school at the elementary school where Carol used to work. Carol told me that Wayne also has grandchildren. It said in that newspaper story today that the other weather forecaster who currently works at Global, Kristi Gordon, was a graduate from the school where Carol works now, Earl Marriott Secondary.

I have another story to show you in todayís Now when youíre here tomorrow. Itís about a girl named Michaela Robinson who was in the BASES program at Semiahmoo Secondary when I was there and thereís also a picture of her with the story. Her picture was also in one of the newspapers a few years ago when she had her picture taken with Jared from the SUBWAY commercials. Carol also knew Michaela, I think it was when Carolís daughters were younger and were playing baseball. I think the sport mightíve been baseball, I canít remember which sport it was. Anyway, I forget whether Michaela has siblings who played on the same team or why she was at Carolís daughters games, all I remember Carol telling me was that Michaela sat on the bench with Carol while her daughters played.

Here is something I said in the message I sent you on Wednesday Feb.27,2008:
> ...I also have two bottles of Lime Crush that Iíve had for a long time, but whenever I plan to drink one of them I keep
> ending up changing it to either ďginger aleĒ or ďice UPĒ at the last minute after my stomach being upset. Whenever
> I have either a can or a bottle of pop to drink at home, mom pours the pop into a glass for me. Otherwise if I drink
> right from the can or the bottle, then I have to use a straw and mom knows that drinking through a straw can make
> me burpy...

I finally felt like having half of one of those two bottles with my evening snack last night. I only had half a bottle because thatís all that would fill a glass and my stomach might get upset if I drink more than what can fit in a glass, and I had some Old Dutch Rip-L potato chips with Nalley brand ranch dip to eat with that. We havenít bought Lime Crush for a long time as you know the two that I refer to above we had sitting around for quite a while...Lime Crush is harder to find BTW than some of the other flavours. I had some of the red grapes for my afternoon snack today and a few of them were funny-shaped, my mom said one looked like a very little pumpkin. I didnít know until today that the bottles of KIRKLAND brand cranberry juice we buy at Costco come in packs of two bottles and you canít buy them individually.

After my mom saw the weather on todayís Noon News she told me that theyíre predicting rain for tomorrow. On yesterdayís weather they predicted the same forecast for today, I hope those weather guys will be wrong again so that we could get out for a walk before my snack tomorrow afternoon. I plan to have a bag of allan gummies for my snack. My mom said that we can erase the fancy dog carrier on the image that weíre currently working on, did you open the scanned image that I sent you yesterday? And BTW, tomorrowís suppose to be the first full day of spring.

And finally, I took a couple pictures this morning with my camera of the cats. I took one of both our cats laying on the couch in our family room, itís not too often we see the two cats on that couch at the same time right beside each other. A few minutes after that, I took another one of Chloe sitting up on one of all small coffee tables in the living room.

When I told my mom about Scottís little calendar and that heís marking down the days until his mom comes and gets him, she then responded by saying that youíll probably be ready for a rest by that time and will want some time to yourself.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


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