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An easy Monday

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Sunday Feb.17,2008



I forwarded the funny E-mail to you that my dad sent me about an hour after you left my place last Thursday, did you get it?

Iíve been trying to type up a long message with my thoughts after the meeting, but I got a l ot on my mind and donít think I can have a message that long typed up in time for tomorrow. Could we just have an easy day tomorrow and not discuss anything heavy until after I send you my E-mail with those thoughts? My mom told me that she saw yesterdayís weather and theyíre predicting sun for tomorrow, so maybe we could go for a walk before snack time. And speaking about the sun I was surprised to see it come out after you left on Thursday.

My mom also told me that she saw on the news about the school shooting in Illinois, six people ended up dead. They didnít know much when my mom saw the six oíclock news last Thursday, she read about most of it in the paper the next morning.

Again, I normally donít go on the computer after supper. The only other time I sent you an E-mail after supper was the one I sent you on Wednesday Jan.16,2008 to let you know how the nurseís visit went earlier that same day. Itís almost time for my evening snack now, I will have some Doritos.

See you tomorrow at 1PM.


P.S. Either you could come again this coming Thursday afternoon and then come again Friday morning at 10AM or I thought that maybe we could go out for lunch after Raynor leaves if Friday works better for you than Thursday.

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