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Tuesday Feb.5,2008


wow Neil ,

That was one long email . Really interesting points you made . I think we can talk about a lot of the things on Thursday if you like. I really appreciate your honesty regarding your feelings.One thing I'd write about now is your upcoming meeting with WCMH. I realise you have a long relationship with Carol and you said it would be hard for you to go to the meeting without her support . Now i'm no Carol (that sounds funny) but I'd like to offer my support . I know we've only known each other a short time but I feel we have a pretty good connection.If you don't want to ride with your Dad I could drive you if you like .If you can think of other ways I could be supportive for this meeting let me know .If you'd like me to go into the meeting with you that is fine . I've been there with Scott before and our meeting with them went well .I believe the WCMH is the best the province has to offer .They're a great team and I believe their recommendations would be superior to an independent Psychiatrist .I know it would be hard to get up early but I believe the outcome may be worth it .Let me know what you think .ok.

Hey I got your zip file as an attachment in your first long email . No attachment on the 2nd copy ..and i checked the shorter message and downloaded it and it was the same. You can really see the difference after using the black constuction paper as a background .I love the Evil sky train ...lmao..., cheers ...John

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