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Friday Jan.18,2008



My mom had a call on her cell phone from my dad on her way to pick him up at the Subaru dealership yesterday afternoon saying that he had taken the technician for a ride and he couldnít see anything wrong with the car so he just told my dad to pay close attention while driving the car to make sure its problems donít get worse. When my mom got to the dealership, they drove both vehicles and parked the Subaru in the parking lot at Willowbrook Mall then they both took the Honda and drove to the casino in Langley. They didnít have much luck there so they picked up the Subaru and then they took both vehicles to the casino in Cloverdale hoping that their luck would be better at that one. They didnít have much luck at either casino and it seemed like all the other people at both casinos were having good luck at the times my parents were at them. After the one in Cloverdale, my mom drove home while my dad went and picked up my Chinese food from Safeway. I had it for my supper last night and I will have whatís leftover for my supper tonight. My dad got home only a few minutes after you left. There was quite a bit of time before 4:30 and after you left yesterday, it was a coincidence that my mom got home a bit earlier than the time she usually does even though she didnít know until after she got home that you had an emergency. And it was a good thing she got home early so that you could get to your emergency sooner. I hope that Prince is okay speaking about whom.


Here are the letters we wrote down that we couldn't figure out:

KK - My mom thought of "kayak" (another palindrome word).
PB - My mom thought of "plumb."

First, you send me all the words you come up with "YC," "YB," "RA," "OW," and other words that start with "P" and end in "B" then I'll E-mail you with what else we come up with on the other five.

We looked at the rulebook and it says that we're allowed to use plurals (words that end in "s") in "basic Smart Mouth," but to make the game harder it says that we could eliminate them. I would assume myself that we should make the game harder when we play by eliminating the plurals. My mom thinks that words ending with "ing," "ed," and "er" are allowed however. So therefore, you could have used "ending."

BR - banister, barrister, beaker, binocular, blender, and LOL booger

And I guess now we know we would have been allowed to use "ďbaker:Ē

> > ...guess which word i'm going to use when i see the letters br...
> I know it might not be ďbakerĒ because thatís noun for ďbake.Ē ...

I will attach some excerpts from the rulebook to the end of this message.

That was a joke when I said "I guess the loser goes first" seriously thought that I was in the wrong game there.

I remember Carol, the teacher's assistant who goes to school five days per week, getting stumped when I use to play this game with her. We probably got stumped a lot more times though when you and I played. I do remember having to bring out the dictionary lots of times when Carol played this with me. It seems like the first of the three games we played yesterday (the one that we just flew through) we hardly got stumped and I banged off words right away most times, but I think the final game had the biggest amount of times we got stumped.

CHAPTER THREE - Fraser Valley Mental Health Support Team

I told my mom after you left yesterday that when I told you the name of the nurse who came to my house the day before, that name didnít sound familiar to you. She then said that my dad talked to a nurse at one time named Jennifer before the other one came to my house. Could this be the one you know? My mom also asked me if you met the physiatrist, I never thought to ask you about him. His name is Dr. Mcgibbon, even though we donít quite know how to spell his name correctly.

CHAPTER FOUR Ė Our next two visits

We already decided that youíll come on Monday (the 21st) and you can also come again next Thursday the 24th, 1PM both visits.

Maybe on Monday we could drive to the Dairy Queen and I could start my onion ring taste-test. There are no size medium onion rings at Dairy Queen, they only have small and large so I could probably get a small onion rings with medium fries and a medium Sprite. And donít forget to make sure make sure that I ask for the medium Sprite when they take my order, I never get a drink when I get either a Banana Split or a Blizzard Treat because I think those things are enough for one snack but this time Iíll get the Sprite with my onion rings and fries.

And for my snack when you come on the Thursday, maybe we could drive to the McDonald's (the same location we went to for lunch earlier this last week) and I could get a McDonald's medium chocolate shake. I remember Carol telling me that her ex-husband was a big fan of milkshakes. I think that Dairy Queen milkshakes are my preference out of DQ, McDonald's, and A&W, DQ might have been his favorite too. I also remember being surprised when Carol told me that DQ was actually around before McDonald's. That was the first I heard when she told me, until then I had always thought that McDonald's would have been around longer. I know however that McDonald's was one of the first fast food places around. I think DQ would have been around before the first A&W opened, I wonder if McDonald's was around though before A&W.

I miss going to Dairy Queen with Carol) and Iím kind of disappointed that it wonít be her Iíll be doing the onion ring taste-test with.

CHAPTER FIVE Ė Valentines Day Shopping & More stuff about living with Carol

Now when you come for your visit on either next Monday the 28th, Thursday the 31st, or Monday February the 4th, maybe my mom could drive us to the Save-On-Foods store at South Point and we could pick out my Valentines snacks from the bulk section if I have most of my Christmas snacks eaten up by then . She could show you what to get so youíll know, Iíll bang off a list in one of the next few E-mails I send you. It will probably depend which one of those three visits I have the most Christmas snacks eaten up by, if itís still the end of January and I still have lots of Christmas stuff left then it would probably make sense to wait a bit until the grocery stores get more selection to choose from in their bulk sections. I told you in the last two E-mails that I still have lots of Christmas stuff left to eat.

I remember that you were teaching Scott how to grocery shop and that maybe youíll have him doing it on his own pretty soon. If my mom takes us to the South Point Save-On, maybe I could by one or a couple (depending on the price) lottery tickets at the front of the store which would be something that I had never done before. Again keep in mind that if I get to live with Carol Iím aware of the fact that I might have to pay for my own Valentines candy even though it will probably be paid for with my momís money this time:

> ...If I could live with Carol before her birthday which occurs two months after that, I would treat her to the China kitchen with my
> own money for her birthday dinner... For the last few years, I didnít have to pay for my parentís birthday dinners but since it may
> not sound right that Carol should have to pay for her own birthday dinners (and maybe also her birthday cakes) I should pay for
> them with my benefits unless we win the lottery or whatever.

And maybe if I were to get my own ďSave-On-More CardĒ someday in the future, then I could earn points for everything I buy at any Save-On or Price Smart store that could go towards stuff in the Save-On points catalog that might be helpful if Carol and I live together. Would especially be helpful if we canít win the lottery, but if we earn a lot of points and thereís nothing in the points catalog that would be useful to us then we could always get something expensive (and something that we have enough points for) from the catalog and then we could sell it and get the money from it to put towards useful things. Iím aware that it might not be a lot of money though.

Speaking about Carolís birthday, I remember that last Christmas wasnít the only time I thought about getting her a more expensive gift than what I would usually buy for her:

> ...I think Carol would have also loved a gift like this if I was still seeing her. That was $40 and I never spent more than $15 on her
> at Christmas or her birthday every year, but remember I have a heart. Anyway, I remember we got the display cat when we went
> there that day and Iím not sure whether they had anymore put away somewhere or if that was the only one they had that day.

This is where I talked about the cat that I got for my mom that day my dad and me were at the Christophers store in Scottsdale Mall. Anyway, I told you in previous E-mails that Carol was going through a lot of stress around her birthday last year so my mom thought then that maybe a good thing to get for her would have been a gif card for one of the restaurants. I didnít like that idea at the time and thought that it would be a bit more expensive than $15, so for her birthday present at that time I ended up getting her Carrie Underwoodís new CD (it had just come out new at that time).

Or if I get brave enough to decide to drop my quirky diet habits, maybe Carol and I could eat supper out almost everyday if I live with her and we win the lottery. If we could afford to do so, this would eliminate another thing (cooking) from her chaotic, hectic, and stressful life. I like getting out to nicer places like White Spot, Moxies, down to the White Rock beach for supper, etc. That was a joke when my mom said to me a few days after what happened not long after Christmas that her (my mom) and me should go to White Spot and then each of us could have a chocolate shake with a piece of the ďChocolate Passion CakeĒ so that we could get big huge disaster stomach aches to take are minds off of being stressed after what happened. I told you before that seriously I prefer the ďTriple Chocolate TorteĒ from Safeway because that piece of three-layer choclate cake didnít seem to bother my stomach as badly as the White Spot one. If I ever have one of the White Sport slices of chocolate cake again, Iíll probably just eat half. I can eat a whole Safeway piece no problem and my stomach still wonít be bothered as much as if I were to eat a whole White Spot one.

CHAPTER SIX Ė One more thing...

One more thing, John... Lend me an orange.


P.S. No, actually letís make that either LM4O or LM4Os .

PS2. This little guy means "frown:"

PS3. Here are those excerpts that I promised you:


Place letter tiles---one per player---face down. Any color will do. Each player picks a tile.

The player with the letter closest to A becomes the Dealer. The Dealer plays too.

The dealer shuffles each color set of 36 tiles and loads the two columns of tiles letter-side up into the Letter Getter.


The dealer operates the Letter Getter by sliding it back and forth...

We can ignore the ďBEFORE YOU GET STARTEDĒ and all the other stuff in the above excerpt because I think we have a pretty good system of our own where you shuffle and I operate the Letter Getter. Carol always shuffled and I always operated the Letter Getter, thatís the way we always did it every time she and me played this game in the past.

But What If...What if two players shout out valid words at the same time? What if no one can come up with any word at all? What if thereís a dispute and things are getting nasty? In any of these situations, the dealer throws both tiles into a Bonus Pile. The letters in the Bonus Pile are awarded to the next player who is first to call out a valid answer to the next challenge.

Thatís basic Smart Mouth, but there are infinite ways to get creative with the format of the game. You can come up with your own rules to make the game harder, easier, or just more interesting (but stick to English language dictionary please, unless you decide on a variation like Bogus Bluff or another language). For example, your gaming group could agree upon limitations like these, or try some of the game variations that follow...

ďBasic Smart MouthĒ is the game format that weíve been playing, just with the exception of not using plurals in order to make the game harder. I think itís good exercise for our brains by making the game harder.

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