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Wednesday Nov.21,2007



Here is what my dad picked for the next titles in the home movies after the ones I detailed in the last E-mail I sent you:

49: Edmonton Game Farm July 1972 - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens (1961)
50: Calgary Stampede July 1972 - "Cow Cow Boogie" by Freddie Slack (1942)
51: Greenwater Lake July 1972 - "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Crofts (1972)
52: 1972: Gathering with family and friends - "I'll Be Around" by Spinners (1972)
53: Christmas 1972 - "Little Drummer Boy" by David Bowie and Bing Crosby (1977)
[NOTE: We might change this one and instead use this song later since I think it came out in 1977 while this portion of the home movies was taken in 1972.]
54: Family Group after My Great Grandpa's Funeral - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel (1970)
55: First Movies of Cousin #1 & Cousin #2 1973 - Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens (1972)
56: Christmas 1973 - "Last Christmas" by Wham! (1973)

I will E-mail you again later if my dad picks any songs for any of the next titles.