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Wednesday Nov.14,2007



There are 27 seconds left after “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” ends in the “Edmonton Game Farm” title. I decided not to send you the MP3 because I realized that I can extend “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” using my same "Pinnacle Studio" program that I use to edit the home movies, I can show you this when you come on Friday. I will also get my dad to look for some bear sound effects (WAV files). My dad wants me to make him a copy of the Beach Boys CD before I give it back to you, once I copy it for him we’ll then have it if we decide to use any tracks off of it in the home movies.

Just before you left yesterday, you said that you can stay til 1:45 PM this coming Friday. I realized just after you left yesterday that you don’t have to leave for your other job at 1:45 PM on Fridays. Is that right? I believe you said that on Fridays you can stay til 3 or 4 PM then you have to leave to take your mom out? I thought that Fridays and Saturdays were your two days off work? I’m just trying to get a better idea of what’s going on Friday so I can tell mom and dad how long they can stay out for.

I was also wondering if it might be possible for you to come Tuesday morning next week at 10:30 AM? If my dad can take Monday off next week, I would like to go with him to the fish store, trade in my baby swords, and get a store credit for them. You know I watch the news, I saw on yesterday’s weather forecast that so far they are showing sun for Monday. Keep in mind that either it could be Tuesday if it’s good for you or it could still be Monday depending whether or not my dad can get that day off work.

Just a reminder, the type of bagels I like are the plain Nature’s Blend brand from Safeway. Mom just spreads soft Philadelphia cream cheese on each half of the bagel (no butter).