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Wednesday July 14,2004 at 8:15 AM


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It's always great to hear about how Studio 9 is making life a little easier for all of you. Thanks for writing to us! Here's a couple of great testimonials about how Studio 9 saved the day. Visit our site for more video testimonials.


SmartMovie Makes Instant Birthday Party Music Video

"My daughter just turned two and we threw a big party for her. I filmed most of the day and captured a lot of really nice shots but there was a lot of down time in between too. She's only two years old and most of her friends are even younger so things got kind of dragged out here and there. I didn't feel like sifting through it all to find and delete all the redundant scenes, it would just take way too much time. Last month I upgraded to Studio 9 and knew it had a feature that lets you create music videos on the fly but I hadn't gotten around to reading the manual. After checking it out I saw how simple it was to use. SmartMovie was such a lifesaver. All I did was grab the movie and a music file and it created a really cool music video that perfectly matched the music to the scenes. I couldn't believe it!  It actually knew what parts to keep and what to leave out. It saved me so much time and really captured all the fun we had that day."

Kevin Francis - Olympia, OR - See Sample SmartMovie

Studio 9's Image Stabilization Fixes Priceless Footage

"I had several tapes of old footage that my parents filmed when I was a kid, all the way up through high school. Everything from my birthdays and camping trips to varsity football games. There was some really great material but a major problem I had was that the picture and audio were really shaky. My father didn't invest in a camera stand and my mom never figured out how to hold the camera right. All that shaking made it really hard to watch after a couple of minutes. I got Studio 8 last year and then I found out that Studio 9 included an Image Stabilization feature. I got the upgrade and started working on it immediately. Wow, what an amazing tool! It transformed everything into smooth flowing footage and the Noise reduction and Audio filters helped to clean up the audio. I sent my parents a copy of the DVD  and they were thrilled. Studio 9 really came through . Thanks Pinnacle!"

Joseph Haynes - Corona, CA

Family Vacation Movie Becomes DVD Blockbuster

"I took my family on vacation last month and had my camera with me the whole time. The weekend was non-stop activity and I came back with a ton of footage. I really wanted a nice looking DVD menu to tie it all together. I checked out the demo for the Premium pack on your site and I saw the one for Vacations. It was perfect for what I needed. I also ended up using a lot of the other effects that the pack came with. The final movie made our vacation truly memorable. The DVD looked so professional my family couldn't believe I had created it."

George Yeung - Garland, TX



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Studio 9 comes packed with a huge collection of powerful editing tools and advanced effects. Never before has one editing solution contained so many benefits.

One-Click Movie Making. Create a movie in seconds with SmartMovie™. Simply choose both a video and a music track, pick a preset movie style and let Studio 9 instantly create an amazing movie that matches the beat of the background music.

Video Plug-in Support. Includes video filters that add cool special effects to your footage. Plug-in effects include fade in/fade out (attack, sustain, decay keyframing). More filters to be made available through the Pinnacle Premium Pack (see upgrade bundle below) and 3rd party developers.

Video Enhancement and Restoration. Includes image stabilization, automatic color correction and analog cleaner.

VST Audio Plug-in support. Includes noise reduction, graphic equalizer, Grungelizer, Karaoke Vocal Remover, Reverb and Leveler

Audio Effects. Includes audio noise removal, stereo panning, surround sound panning.

Home Cinema Quality Movie Making. Capture and edit 16x9 widescreen video and create stunning surround sound soundtracks.

60 new Alpha Magic transitions...and much much more!


You've been having fun cranking out movies with Studio 9 and we'd like to hear from you about it. How satisfied are you with Studio 9? How would you rate Studio 9? Take a moment to fill out our short survey. As always, we really appreciate your time and effort in responding so to say "thank you " one lucky winner will win a MovieBox Deluxe hardware upgrade!


Introducing the Pinnacle User Group Network. Studio and Liquid Edition user groups are popping up throughout the nation. To join an existing user group or to start a user group of your own, please visit the User Group Network page for more information.

If you are already part of a PC User Group and would like to see the latest technology in digital video editing, we offer presentations for both Studio 9 and Liquid Edition 5.5. Please email us at to sign up.

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Pinnacle Systems provides consumers and professionals with cutting-edge digital media solutions for use at home, in the studio, and on the air. Recognized worldwide as an industry leader by audio and video professionals, Pinnacle Systems has received 8 Emmy Awards and maintains the highest standard of excellence throughout our product line.

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